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Where Dining is an Event - Next: Tour of Thailand

Food is highly important in my life. I love everything about it. I love cooking. The process of turning separate ingredients into a dish that makes your head explode with joy...priceless. But I do love when others cook for me. So I enjoy a good restaurant.

We knew what to expect with Next. Paris 1906 was a glorious experience. While we knew we didn't need to go back to experience Paris again (we've already done that...and we don't need to lighten our bank account a second time...even though it was amazing), we knew we were going to go back to Next. We just had to wait for the team to announce the next menu.

And then, they did - Thailand.

The foodie community started rumbling. We all started running back to the Facebook page. When was the last Paris 1906 date?? When was the new menu going to start?? When would we get a chance to buy tickets?? Tickets!! We can't wait!!

First, the menu was released. We gasped at the menu. It all sounded great. But we didn…

Reclaiming Your Heritage

"Tiz. Where's that name from??"


That's all I ever knew. Dad's relatives were from Poland. So I was Polish. I needed to like pierogi's and paczki's and other stuff Polish folks eat. I knew in my head that this was not all of my heritage, but it was all I knew, so it was all I could hold on to. Until recently.

Dad started on It was a good project for him. He had a purpose for a while and the entire family (and extended family) was able to figure out where they came from...without having to do any work for themselves. Win-Win!!

The results were not in any way surprising (the Tiz side...uber-Polish) and quite surprising. Quite surprising in the fact that I've got a crazy amount of Irish heritage in me!! I KNEW my hair should be red without chemical help!! And it also explains the sun and my tentative "friendship" (if you count "friendship" as me liking the sun and it's lovely rays, and …