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This is 40 - Solo/Hawaii Tips

Oddly enough, I’ve been putting off this final Hawaii post.   I’m not entirely sure why, really.   Maybe the finality of it all was more than I wanted to deal with.   I’m home.   Things are back to normal (or as normal as things are in the summer in my life…many trips are in various planning stages up in here).   The feel of Maui is fading.   And this is the last thing I plan to “do” to close the chapter on this trip.   Once this post is done, my trip will officially be over.   And I’m not sure I want that to happen. Then again, I could be really lazy. Because this was my first trip to Hawaii and my first “big” (partially) solo trip (a trip to Disney World when I had my first nervous breakdown in the parking lot of Animal Kingdom doesn’t necessarily count, right??   It was pre-blog…it doesn’t count), I thought I might as well share a few bonus pictures along with some of the things I’ve learned from experiencing both of these things for the first time. I used this as my mant