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Upper Antelope Canyon – A Photography Bucket List

April 4 th , 2017 I bought myself a new camera the day after I returned from Hong Kong .   It’s not that I didn’t love my camera.   I did.   But I also knew I wanted to graduate to the next level camera.   Sure, I wasn’t necessarily ready for that cap and gown, but once I played with Liz’s camera the last time I was down in West Palm Beach, it was only a matter of time before I broke down and bought a new camera. This trip to Arizona was kind of just a way for me to learn about the new camera. As I researched tours in Antelope Canyon, I quickly discovered photography tours were abundant.   It makes sense, really.   Antelope Canyon is far enough out of the way that you’re not going end up here on a whim.   You are going here for a reason.   And you want the best pictures you can get to prove you were here.   So why not take a photography tour?? I decided on the Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tour company.   There were a few options for the photography tours with t

My First Meteor Crater - Winslow, AZ

April 3 rd , 2017 This trip came together pretty organically.   I knew I was going to Page.   I knew I didn’t want to drive there (or back) in one day from Phoenix.   The concept of a road trip ended up happening just because I wanted to keep in the 2-3 hour range for any drive.   With those parameters, I only had a few options of where to stay.   Flagstaff was one of those places. The hallmark of any road trip is a side journey.   A side journey could be something as stupid as driving an hour out of the way to stop at a restaurant where Anthony Bourdain featured on No Reservations (which I've done, though earlier than the blog was alive).   Or it could be driving 30 minutes or so in the opposite direction to visit a meteor crater. As I began researching Flagstaff for things to do, I stumbled on the meteor crater near Winslow.   Most people instantly thought about standing on a corner, trying to take it easy.   That was not my the vision in my head.   My vision