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(My) Star Wars and the Power of Costumes - Discovery Center NYC

Tuesday, April 19th

I don't know how I found this exhibition.  I mean, I'm sure the cookies on my computer tell the tale of a Star Wars Person.  It definitely tells the tale of a nerd.  I can't deny that one.  And really, I wouldn't want to.

That being said, I'm not an insane Star Wars fan.  A fan who knows all of the side characters from the books, cartoons and video games and serious history of the wars and planets that we never saw in the movies.  But I'm not giving any crap to those people who know all of this info.  I just couldn't keep up.  I read the books in the early 90's.  I'm down with the cartoons, started with Rebels early on, still working my way through the Clone Wars.  But really, I was all about the movies.

In the winter of 1983, I was seven years old.  We were the house on the block with all the toys.  We had the swimming pool.  We had the Atari.  We had HBO.  On a random Saturday night, Dad was excited.  He was going to introduce …

Milkbar Life - Baking the Book: Birthday Cake

Sunday, April 17th

I'd never been to Milk Bar before.  I'd heard of it.  I wanted to go, obviously.  It is a bakery.  But I'd never been. There was a cake I kept seeing on Pinterest from Milk Bar.  That was 100% the reason I took a baking class here.

Rewind a year.  I was on the train going home after work and I saw a picture of a Milk Bar birthday cake.  It looked like a vanilla funfetti kind of cake, but plussed up juuuust a little bit.  I sent the recipe to my mom and told her she could make this for me for my birthday.  The recipe included glucose and acetate and my mom basically told me to get out of town.  I was so dismayed about this lack of birthday cake for my 40th, I vowed never to forgive her for not making me a cake.  I'm only slightly kidding.
So imagine my surprise when I did some late night internetting and found that Milk Bar has a Bake the Book series, where you could bake the birthday cake of your dreams.  Done and done.  I booked the class before I l…