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A Spanish Birthday Celebration - Petit Pau

September 10th, 2015

We quickly learned if you are in a new city near the end of a trip, worn down, and ready for home, a rainstorm would do little to help your mood.  That was where we were in Barcelona.

Not that Barcelona was a total wash.  Though I will want a re-do of the city at a certain point.  There were a few moments that redeemed the city in my eyes.  And as always, food was usually the factor.

Adele was 100% the reason we ended up at Petit Pau.  She did some TripAdvisoring and asked if I was interested.  We weren't able to get to the Adria Brother's restaurants, so we made plans for a few lunches.   The first (and best) was Petit Pau.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect here.  The rain was never-ending.  And it was enough to irritate two already tired travelers.  But then we walked down an unassuming street and into a nondescript door.  The rain melted away (and so did any chance of my hair being even remotely cute) as we were ushered into one of six tables.

Hotel Praktik Bakery - Barcelona, Spain

September 9th, 2015

I really fought for this hotel.  I read an article in Conde Nast Traveler that talked about a boutique hotel with a working bakery in the lobby.  Hotel Praktik Bakery.  The price was within our budget (odd for CNT hotels).  And did I mention fresh baked bread in the lobby??  I saved the hotel on TripAdvisor.  And it was always the hotel I shifted back to when we were talking about Barcelona.  Adele kept finding others.  But I was adamant.  Fresh. Baked. Bread.

Imagine my disappointment when the joy of the fresh baked bread couldn't make up for the hotel itself.

Now let me step back for a moment, the hotel was beautiful.  It was hip and shiny and new.  Crisp white lines everywhere.  The hotel was inviting.  Both the smell wafting from the lobby and the minimalist decor.  It wanted me to like everything.

First things first.  There is no parking at the hotel.  There is also not really a loading area.  We made it to the hotel during rush hour, so there was a concer…

A Spanish Birthday Celebration - Drinking Our Way to Barcelona (Day 11)

September 9th, 2015

We were only staying in Sitges for one night.  And this was the time that the error of our trip really came into focus.  I may have mentioned this in the past (I have been working on this trip report for the last four months, so cut me a little bit of slack about remembering here), arriving in Sitges last night then leaving in the morning was not enough time to spend a ton of time in the city.  Or specifically, at the beach.  Adele was desperately wanting a beach day.  But we had to check out of the hotel at noon.  So we had to have breakfast, go to the beach, come back, shower, pack and check out.  All in a short amount of time.

The morning began at breakfast.  And even if you don't want breakfast at your hotel, you're gonna want to partake in this one.  It was free with the stay and it was amazing.  What do you want for breakfast?? Omelettes??  Done.  Pastries??  Of course.  Pineapple??  Now you're just embarrassing yourself.  YES, PINEAPPLE!!  I mean…