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For One Weekend, I was the One Percent

I don't live the lush life. I never have. While I spend my money at times on frivolous things (travel and cupcakes), I can't just walk into a store and shop without thinking. When I go on vacation, I go during off times of the year and shop around for the best possible deal. I don't order room service or raid the mini bar. These things just aren't done, because I don't have the extra money to spend on the frivolous things. So imagine my shock at a weekend where I didn't have to want for anything. I lived the life of the one percent. And I loved every minute of it.

The weekend was very much needed. It was a small break in between the insanity-filled weeks of work. I left the office on Thursday night highly stressed out and ready for the pool. I also felt guilty about being gone for one day and not working the now-customary 70 hours a week. But all of the worried melted away after I boarded the plane. Well, for the most part...

The flight to Orlando…