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This is 40 - Getting there is Half the Battle (Day 1)

Thursday, April 30th Early morning flights, man.  I always have such great intentions.  Because the flight is so early, I have to leave the house early.  Because I have to leave the house early, I have to wake up early.  Because I have to wake up early, I have to go to sleep early. I never am able to go to sleep early. So every time, I am struggling in the morning.  My eyes burn.  I have to finish packing.  It's never as smooth a process as it should be.  But whatever.  Today is a travel day!! I referenced my First Class flights yesterday.  It is on today!!  But I'm flying with US Airways.  I think I was on US Airways once before, but I wasn't sure how this was going to work.  My flights were booked on American.  So was I checking in on US Airways or American Airlines?? The answer, US Airways. Unfortunately, the US Airways counter is significantly smaller than American's.  And if it is possible for the US Airways travelers to be dumber, I think they were.  There was not

This is 40 - The General Plan

Every year, I say to myself, "Seriously.  You have to stop this.  It's ridiculous.  You should be saving for the future."  But every year, things happen. This year, I didn't bother saying this to myself.  Because this was always going to be a big year.  This year...I turn 40. I know.  I KNOW!! It's a pretty big number.  And I can't deny that I've been struggling a bit with the reality of what this number means.  I have a good job, a nice home, a great family, and several friends who are just as stupid as I am with these silly adventures.  But I'm no longer the "young one" in the office.  And I don't entirely know when that happened. But back to this year... If a "regular" year involves multiple foreign and several domestic trips, then what would a 40th Birthday Celebration Year involve??'s the story with this trip.  What??  You want me to share all of my trips at once??  No way, man. About nine mont