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Severe Gluttony: Epcot - A Disney Christmas Day 2.0

December 5th, 2014

This was always going to be the Epic Food Day.  Because Epcot is always about the food.  So I'm not going to go through our daily jaunt like I would normally do.  This day will focus on what we ate.  Those of you who don't care about food (really??) can cast this day aside.  I'll see you tomorrow.  But for those of you who care...let us begin.

Morning Snack - Gelato Cookie Sandwich

If you want to start eating, you start big.  We made it to Epcot when the park opened.  So we did twirl around Future World for a bit until it was time for World Showcase to open.  Once the ropes dropped around China, we trucked it over to Italy.  The gelato cart was barely open and the Cast Member was still getting everything into place, but we started the line.  The Cast Member immediately turned on the charm and made me want to drop everything to move to Italy.  You know, the accent and all of the talk of gelato...

I rarely ever think about Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Excuse me..…

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - A Disney Christmas Day 1.5

December 4th, 2014 (Evening)

I think I have had a bit of Writer's Block on this event (and I'll pause for a moment while friends - and strangers...hello, strangers!! - laugh hysterically as they think of me a "Writer.").  Looking back, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP going forward) was a bit of a letdown.

I've done Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP, again...these are really long event names) a few times and haven't run into the same amount of meh as I have with MVMCP ( really works, doesn't it??).  So what's different??  What do I have against the party??

Several weeks later...I still don't know.

MVMCP is a ticketed event in November and December, celebrating, what else...Christmas.  Main Street USA is decked out with lights, there is a special parade and fireworks, there are dance parties all across the park, and you can wait in line for free cookies and hot chocolate.  So what's there not to love??

I st…

Animal Kingdom - A Disney Christmas Day 1.0

December 4th, 2014

And so it begins.  I had popped a few of the NyQuil Zzzquil pills the night before so I was doing better than I had expected and was ready to go.  Why??  I've gone on record that Scott should visit a Sleep Clinic to cure his snoring situation.  And I am. not. kidding.  Seriously.  But I digress.  Our first day at Disney began at Animal Kingdom.  And the story...well...that's going to be told via photos...

We started our day at the Kilimanjaro Safari.  Because when you don't have FastPasses, you get to the park early and book it to the Safari.  The goal was to beat certain people (strollers, wheelchairs, etc) to the queue.  Because we are the worst.

We walked through Asia to take in a few of the sights.  Scott was 100% not interested in going on Expedition Everest (Boo!!), so we moved past this section quickly.

Then, off to DinoLand USA, where we did go on the Dinosaur ride, but where we also started seeing some of the holiday decorations.  If you call Go…

Happy Holidays from Alinea!!

December 17th, 2014

It's no secret that I like to eat. In fact, just today, I lost $40 as I failed miserably in our "Biggest Loser" style competition in our office (though I am entirely ready to full-on compete in our 1Q15 competition as partaking in Dry January will do wonders). I've eaten my way through many countries and take a food tour in every new foreign city.

I like food.

So, why haven't I been to Alinea yet??

Cost. Totally the cost.

I rarely (ever??) have $275 ready to go for JUST a meal. We're not even talking about wine. It's a big financial commitment.

Adele texted me several weeks ago. It was time to go to Alinea. She started looking for days that worked for us. At the beginning, I kind of played along. We'd talked about this before, but nothing really materialized. This time was different. She was ready. At first, I was kind of tagging along in spirit, but wasn't 100% invested. But as the date got closer and closer, I became mo…