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And Then...We Got to See New Fantasyland - WDW 2012 Day 4

Thursday, October 25th

Sleep continues to be rather elusive. But that's life. I can sleep later. Right?? RIGHT??

After getting stalked by Nosferatu last night, we decided to take it much easier today. It was our waterpark day. Now I love me a good waterpark. I don't need to go on the insanely vertical slides (No. Way.). But I do love getting in a flotation device and hurdling down a fiberglass slide at high speeds (spoiler alert - first slide down and I also had water hurdling down my nose at high speeds. BOO!!). I also love the wave pool and the lazy river and the smell of sunscreen and...all the things with waterparks. I also love the people.

People at the waterparks are fascinating. When you think about it, people are nearly naked and flaunting their bodies for the world to see. That's why I give anyone who decides to go to a waterpark tons of credit. I also go to a waterpark and instantly get a boost to my self-esteem. What?? I am very aware I could los…

Scares and Animals. Just Not Necessarily in that Order - WDW 2012 Day 3

Wednesday, October 24th

Well, my hope for sleep was dashed pretty quickly. I don't know if it's the room. Or if it's Snorey McGee across the room. Though I could place a bet on one of these reasons. A week of this kind of sleep will make the trip a little difficult.

Today, we were on our way to Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is a park that is not always on the itinerary. It's a fun park, but it's more of a forgotten park. If we have four days at the parks, we just skip this one and go to Universal instead. So Animal Kingdom is one I am not as familiar with. I definitely picked up the map here. Full disclosure, I picked up maps everywhere. Sure, I didn't look at them, but I picked them up.

Animal Kingdom is also the park that is prone to complete family meltdowns. I harken back to 2001. My first trip to Disney World as an adult. And the first Family Trip we had since I was in 7th Grade. We had spent the whole trip in blissful joy at Disney. Then w…

Keys to the Kingdom - WDW 2012 Day 2

Tuesday, October 23rd

Sleep was pretty pitiful last night. We are at the new Disney resort, the Art of Animation Resort. The resort has only been open since June or so. Our wing of the hotel has only been open since late September. So everything is shiny and new. That's the good news. The bad news...the bed is as hard as a rock. I can't believe I've been spoiled by the Hampton Inn. Last night, I was tired, but just not tired-tired. Which meant I was tossing and turning all night long. This isn't the best start for a full week of theme-parking. I think I will need to pop some preventative Aleve each morning...

We haven't been able to explore the hotel too much. It's been less than a day. But we have explored the food court. The Landscape of Flavors gives us a big choice for each meal. That's appreciated. This morning, I started with French Toast. With fruit and sausage. This isn't going to be a normal meal, but it was nice to start the …

Yes, Again - WDW 2012 Day 1

Monday, October 22nd

The stories usually aren't interesting the day of travel. Usually it's the day before. The day before today was spent getting ready for the trip. A mani/pedi. One last stop at Target. Introducing Elias to the new Indian place. We stopped at McDonalds afterwards. Not for me. I thought the Indian place was fab. Him...not so much. I told him I would never be able to take him to India. Considering India is not currently in the cards, I think it was a toothless threat.

Two days before, I was driving to Champaign for George and Mary's wedding. It was a lovely (albeit long) day.

Three days before, I was dining with Kat and Leah.

Four days before, it was a haircut and color day. While the dinner and wedding aren't really necessary in this story, I figured it wouldn't hurt to show that this was a busy time to take another big jaunt. I'm already tired. And the journey has barely started.

Today was a half day for me. I rolled my suitca…

Are You Ready for Some Football??

Here we go again. The second road trip in three weeks. There weren't supposed to be multiple fall trips happening, but when a station invited me to a football game, how was I to say no??


There isn't much to say about the day of travel on a road trip. It becomes a tedious day where you don't really get to see much. Especially if you drive in the dark. And if it rains. It was dark. It rained. The whole time. Ugh.

Adele and I hit the road after a long day at the office. My car was parked nearby, so after a few quick stops in the building, we piled in the Super Cooper and hit the road. We actually got out of Chicago pretty easily. But as soon as those thoughts came out of my brain, the rain started. The entire drive consisted of spurts of light, then heavy, then light rain. When it's really dark and raining, the drive isn't totally fun. Oddly enough, it didn't feel like a five hour drive. So that was something.

We did coin a new term on the jo…