Yes, Again - WDW 2012 Day 1

Monday, October 22nd

The stories usually aren't interesting the day of travel. Usually it's the day before. The day before today was spent getting ready for the trip. A mani/pedi. One last stop at Target. Introducing Elias to the new Indian place. We stopped at McDonalds afterwards. Not for me. I thought the Indian place was fab. Him...not so much. I told him I would never be able to take him to India. Considering India is not currently in the cards, I think it was a toothless threat.

Two days before, I was driving to Champaign for George and Mary's wedding. It was a lovely (albeit long) day.

Three days before, I was dining with Kat and Leah.

Four days before, it was a haircut and color day. While the dinner and wedding aren't really necessary in this story, I figured it wouldn't hurt to show that this was a busy time to take another big jaunt. I'm already tired. And the journey has barely started.

Today was a half day for me. I rolled my suitcase into the city and across its many streets to the office. I got just enough done to warrant coming in for a half day. It's been a bit more quiet in the office over the last few weeks, so timing of this trip is ideal. I really need to remember this for next year. While I'm busy in my regular life, October is always dead at work. There should always be a trip in October.

What I didn't count on for today was the rain. The pouring rain. It started at 11a. I was leaving for the airport at noon. There is nothing worse than dragging a suitcase, carrying a large bag and juggling an umbrella. But I did just that. Happily, I could walk across the street and get in the Pedway, but just made everything awkward for a start.

The good news was the timing to catch the Blue Line. Noon is not a high time to travel to the airport. I had plenty of room to sit and have my luggage in the aisle. I always worry about public transportation with the suitcase. This need to worry.

My first stop at O'Hare was the wine bar. It was lunchtime and I wanted some wine. I was happy to find one lone chair available at the bar. Almost like I was meant to belly on up there. Plus, it was right across the hallway from my gate. I should have just lingered more than I did. But I didn't. And my flight was delayed. Then delayed again. Then delayed one more time. Now Scott would have to wait for me instead of me waiting for him. Excellent!!

I ended up being 2 hours late. Which meant Scott had to wait for an hour (the math does work out here...promise). After misdirection on my part (I will admit, Scott's directions were clear. I chose to ignore them), I made it to the Magical Express Bus. Sure, they didn't have my information, but still...they figured everything out and we were on our way to the hotel.

The original plan was to book it to the hotel, drop our crap, then go to Downtown Disney. That was not meant to be. We didn't even get to our room until 10p. Downtown Disney closed at 11p. So we went to the food court and shoveled food down our gaping maw. I'm desperately trying not to go 100% insane over food this week. Especially since I know Sunday (post-landing) becomes a week of detox. That thought did not stay long with me at the waffle sandwich counter. But that tale is for Tuesday's blog.

We knew it would be a long day ahead of us. I had my fingers crossed that it was going to be a good sleep. Fingers crossed...


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