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I'm Going to Disneyland Paris!! If I Can Figure Out How to Get There First.

When I told Elias he could choose a place to go for his graduation gift...any place at all...he knew immediately.  London.

Perfect.  London is a great "starter" city to go on an overseas adventure.  But I double downed...

"You know, right across the street from London is Paris.  And in Paris is Disneyland Paris."

I'm kind of an idiot.

So the graduation gift has become a two week European extravaganza.  Which seems kind of fitting for us.  My plan is to update the research process occasionally until we get to go-time.  And the process was really hitting a snag with the one place I thought would be the easy part.  The part I was dumb enough to mention.  Disneyland Paris.

Look.  It's no surprise that Disney World is my favorite place...anywhere.  I've hit Disney World nearly once a year for the last 10 years.  Elias and I have done Disney World twice with just the two of us.  We did Disneyland two years ago.  We figured Disneyland Paris would be easy enoug…