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Northern Lights in Iceland - Day 6: Homeward Bound

November 19th, 2013
As with all trips, they quickly come to an end.  Yesterday, I mentioned to Richelle that it felt like we had been here both for a moment and yet again, it feels like we have been here for forever.  There's an ease to Reykjavik that I didn't seem to anticipate.  Then again, Reykjavik is a small city.  It shouldn't be that difficult to get around.  Being a small city, things opened late and closed early.  That part took some getting used to.  And it was something we didn't quite pick up on until the end.
I was happy to discover the free breakfast on Sunday wasn't a fluke.  Which was a nice surprise.  For me.  I did feel bad that Richelle and Danielle didn't get the same breakfast surprise.  But it was my last time to consume the creme biscuits and skyr yogurt, so I took full advantage of this moment.  I didn't know the food situation where we were going, so it was a carbo-loading time.
The three of us met downstairs at around 9a.  We had c…

Northern Lights in Iceland - Day 5: Two Forms of Whales...

November 18th, 2013

After two days of heavy touring, we needed a day to ourselves.  Good thing we had already planned today to be a day to ourselves.  We thought we'd go for a breakfast out and about in the city.  What we hadn't planned for was that Reykjavik doesn't really come alive until later in the morning.  So much so that we couldn't find a place open for breakfast.  So we wandered for a while.  Then a little while longer.  We first thought about going back to C is for Cookie.  But we remembered another bakery around the corner.  We found that one.

Bernhoftsbakari was a bakery.  Not really a cafe.  So there wasn't much room for us to linger.  We all ended up with good treats, but I think we would have been more comfortable with C is for Cookie.  Whatever though, the food was still good.

The one thing we really hadn't done yet was shop.  There was a bit of shopping on Day 1, but we didn't really know what was ahead of us.  I always like doing the shopp…