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This is 40 - Going Home (Day 6.5)

Tuesday, May 5th

The trip home is its own story.  Mostly because it's been almost two weeks since the flight and I'm still pretty angry about the whole thing.  Well, I'm not as angry as I was.  It has been almost two weeks.  I shouldn't still be angry at what happened.  My remnant anger is at the resolution...or lack thereof.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had used miles to travel First Class to Hawaii.  I had saved them up for almost 15 years and had finally decided to use them for a purpose.  I don't normally fly First Class.  I mean, I travel a lot, but I try to go as inexpensively as I can because I travel a lot.  So First Class isn't in the budget.  This was a birthday trip that was created based on flying First Class to Hawaii.

Fast forward to my flight home.

Well, fast forward to the start of this journey.  And this journey actually started the night before.  We were up late enough that I could check into my flight 24 hours in advance.  So I did. …

This is 40 - The Last Day in Maui (Day 6)

Tuesday, May 5th

I have to go home today.

I don't want to go home today.  I want to sit on the beach or by the pool again today.  Every day.  I want someone to bring me water and fruity drinks.  I want to not worry about work or paying bills or anything involving real life.

But I didn't have to go home until later tonight.  Danielle was being picked up by the SpeediShuttle at 3p.  I was being picked up at 7p.  So no matter what we ended up doing, we had to be back to the hotel before 3p.  I still had enough time to do everything I hadn't yet done on Maui.

We started the day lazily.  The alarm was set, but only half-assed.  Most of the packing was done last night.  So instead of jumping out of bed and attacking the day, we both just kind of hung out.  Having a five hour difference in the opposite direction works in a way.  Everyone we know has been up for hours now.  So it's better for texting and e-mails and Facebook and just catching up with the world.  There was alwa…

This is 40 - A 40th Birthday (Day 5)

Monday, May 4th
The day I both dreaded and planned for is here.  Today is my 40th birthday.  I don't feel any different.  I mean, it's not like I turned 40 and gained super powers (which I can't deny, I've been expecting to happen since my 13th birthday.  It's like TV lied to me!!  Evie Garland isn't the star of a documentary??).  It's just another day.  I've barreled into the next decade and nothing can be done to stop this from happening. 
So how do I accept the fact that I'm now 40??  By running away and having some light pampering.

One of the things I had wanted to do while I was here was to take a Meditation class.  The Athletic Center had a Meditation class scheduled at 7a.  At first, I was thinking this class was way too early in the morning to even consider taking.  But I hadn't counted on jet lag.
Danielle and I rolled out of bed and did the lightest of getting readys.  I mean, let's face it.  I have been rolling around Maui in var…

This is 40 - The Road to Hana (Day 4)

Sunday, May 3rd

The fun part of jet lag is how different it can be day after day.  I was able to sleep a little longer than normal (maybe stirred at 430a, but was truly awake at 5a), but Danielle was in worse shape, waking up very early in the morning.  Lucky for us, we had an excursion today, so we had to be up and ready to go early.  We didn't even need a wake up call. 
Today, we were going on the Road to Hana Tour.

To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure what the Road to Hana was.  I had planned my trip by doing very, very little research.  My main goal was relaxation.  I didn't think I'd be going on too many adventures.

But Danielle came up with the idea of the Road to Hana.  I was swayed by the idea that we'd get to a winery on Maui.  A winery that served Pineapple Wine.  Done.  Sign. Me. Up.

I wasn't renting a car.  And I knew enough about the Road to Hana that I knew I didn't want to drive (too many hairpin turns).  So tour, it was.

Now, the further aw…