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Amusement Park-ing - This Time Migraine-Free!!

I'm not going to lie, after my last amusement park excursion (and the subsequent migraine days - plural), I didn't expect to road trip again so quickly. But we learned lessons from the last go. The biggest lesson, DO NOT try to do an amusement park trip (out of the state of Illinois) in one day. It will only lead to migraines.

After a marathon of Bourdain on Labor Day, I texted Elias. If he had the choice between Kansas City (Worlds of Fun), Cincinnati (Kings Island) or Sandusky (Cedar Point), where would he want to go?? The answer: Kansas City. Which was good, cause that's where Bourdain was eating when I asked the question.

A plan came together pretty quickly, as most plans do. Drive to KC after school. Go to the park. Eat BBQ. Drive through Des Moines on the way home. Visit Drake. Go home. Done. And so the adventure begins...

Friday, September 19

Elias had to go to school, but the drive was pretty long, so I decided to work from home half a day. It actual…