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Juggling!! or How to Plan Trips for the First Half of the Year

I've been mostly quiet for a while. There was a reason. I didn't have anything to say. Well, I probably had things to say, but I didn't have time to say them. Nah...I didn't have things to say and I didn't have time to say them. Sure, there was the Ireland trip. Then, the foot surgery. Then healing from the surgery. Then the crazy times at work. Then the holidays (which I ignored due to the crazy times at work). The last four months have gone by in a haze. I also wanted the blog to be mostly about trips and food and fun stuff. No wallowing. And quite frankly, my regular daily life is highly boring. And I'm perfectly happy with that.

It's a new year. And a new year means many, many new trips are in the works. The fun part is always in the planning. The even more fun part is juggling multiple trip plans at once. So we begin at the beginning of the year. What's first...

Rome and Paris

Rome was always planned for this year. A year ago, I …