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A Spanish Birthday Celebration - A Day in Sitges (Day 10)

September 8th, 2015 I'm not going to lie.  This day was filled with ridiculous moments.  It is the day I look back at with the most fondness.  If you equate fondness and silliness as the same thing. This was the first foreign trip we'd been on that solely utilized a car.  Well, a car we drove.  Though I guess in a way, that isn't entirely correct.  I mean, we rented a jeep on Easter Island , but that was only for a little while.  Plus, there wasn't a chance we could get too lost on an island.  But driving in Spain was different. I previously referenced a written, but unpublished post about our journey to Extebarri .  I still haven't decided if it ever needs to see the light of day.  There were frazzled nerves and short tempers.  Do I want to revisit those memories??  Not really.  The short version of the story was that driving in Spain was harder than we expected.  Sure, we expected to have a GPS that would actually get us to where we needed to be (you were

A Spanish Birthday Celebration - San Sebastian Photos and Cider Houses (Days 7-9)

September 5th - 7th I could write faster about our trip.  But honestly, I am much too tired to do so.  Ok.  Strike that.  I'm much too lazy to do so.  You know, you get back to the grind.  Even if the grind is coming home and collapsing into a heap on the couch while you burn through the DVR that is exploding in amazing ways. Then again, maybe I don't know how exactly to write about San Sebastián. Or both. As I look back, the main reason we were in San Sebastián was for the food.  The glorious, glorious food.  And I've already told most of the food stories already.  Not all, but most.   So how do I tell the story about San Sebastián??  Photos, mostly. Our last day in San Sebastián, we walked up the boardwalk to the main area of the city.  We didn't do much.  We just walked.  We just soaked in the city.  And the sun.  *sigh*  I miss the sun. On our way to the city center. Want to visit a park??  Of course you do. Why yes, we did st

Hotel Los Augustinos - Haro, Spain

September 4th, 2015 The difference between our last hotel and our new hotel was striking. We unwillingly left the five star life behind as we drove to Haro.  The modern architecture and amenities of the Marques de Riscal were in our rearview mirror.  Our new location would be just a bit different. Enter the Hotel Los Augustinos . Los Augustinos is arguably the best hotel in Haro.  But let's be realistic.  There aren't a ton of hotels to choose from.  This building has had many incarnations since it was built in 1373. Yeah.  You read that right. 1373 is not just a number.  It's an actual year .  Knowing this has place has so much history kind of baffles my mind. So the building.  It started off as a convent, but in the centuries since, it has been a military garrison, a prison, and a hospital.  In 1989, the former convent became a hotel.  Or as the Los Augustinos likes to say, a four star hotel. Cool, huh?? We found a parking spot directly