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Eating Our Way Through London - The Graduation Adventure Day 3.0

Saturday, May 24th

It's only day three and I am a mess.  It didn't help that the sleep I most desperately desired would turn out to be elusive.  Which I truly didn't understand.  Yes, I had two pots of tea at 5p, but that wouldn't have been enough to make me fall asleep quickly in the 10p hour, only to wake up at 11pm and stay awake until at least 2a.  Right??  It doesn't help that Elias can't sleep with any kind of TV on.  And I was petrified about the light from the iPad waking him up.  Which meant I tossed and turned all night long.  This is not helpful for our first night of our trip.  I also had the extra added bonus of the song Bastille from Pompeii going through my head for the hours I was awake.  Here's the thing...the song is fine enough, until it ear worms into your brain.  Stupid earworm.
Now I have to come clean.  I can't pretend I'm writing this story while on the road, because I'm really not.  The first part might have been, but I d…

Fanboy Day - The Graduation Adventure Day 7: Doctor Who Edition

Wednesday, May 28th

The dirty little secret about our visit to Cardiff was we were really going for one reason.  We boarded a train in London and rode for two hours west into another country.  All for one reason.  The Doctor Who Experience

Look...I could pretend this isn't the only reason and come up with a hilarious story trying to divert the attention away from the fact that this is the only reason I dragged Elias to Cardiff.  But I won't.  Both you and I are too smart for that.  The reality was we were in London.  Cardiff isn't that far away.  So why not take a day or two and go to another country??  And nerd-out over Doctor Who.  Which is what we did.

Now I already wrote about our visit to Cardiff.  I loved it.  Elias...tolerated it.  But this story is all about Doctor Who.  So let's do it.  And if you're not a Doctor Who person feel free to skip to the next day.  I won't judge.

The first step of our Experience was getting to the Experience.  Now we were stayi…