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The Washington DC Spring Break Extravaganza - Day 4

March 30, 2013

Next time we go to DC, I have one rule. No. Driving.

Our trip to Georgetown for breakfast was supposed to be an easy one. We were literally across the street from Georgetown. A bridge (or two) connected Rosslyn to Georgetown. But the lack of a GPS and the sole use of an iPhone made things a little more difficult. I don't totally blame the iPhone. The problem was that it didn't change course quick enough when I missed the first turn. So we drove. And drove. And drove. And finally found our way into Georgetown.

We parallel parked (Ack!! But it was early, so...) and made our way to the Exorcist Steps. These were one Elias's "Must-See" list. I've never seen the movie before, but it was surprising that 'Exorcist Steps' were on Yelp as an attraction. So it was actually pretty easy to find. Once we got to the right neighborhood and everything. The steps were steep. Really steep. There were a handful of people running up and d…

The Washington DC Spring Break Extravaganza - Day 2

March 28, 2013

Our hotel is perfectly fine. I thought we had a free breakfast, but we can't find any record of that. But besides that, the hotel is fine. We're two blocks away from a Metro stop and after a bit of trying to figure out how the cards work (and first where to buy the cards), we were on our way.

We knew we had an 1130a lunch date with Diane and her daughter, but we were a little late to eat breakfast before our lunch, so we had the next best thing. Starbucks. You can never go wrong with Starbucks. Chai will soothe your grumbling stomach for as little or as long as you need it to. It's magic, I tells ya!!

Drinks in hand, we went along our merry way to see where the White House was. Or we thought we were. I should have known better than to trust the map on my phone. I thought we were traveling along the right direction on Pennsylvania Avenue. But I didn't remember the basic rule of traveling, "Pay attention to your surroundings and don't r…

The Washington DC Spring Break Extravaganza - Day 1

March 27, 2013

There's always something special about the start of the year. Sure, there are Resolutions and all of that crap. But the start of the year means a blank slate for travel. You get to look at a map of the world, look at an empty calendar and count the number of vacation/personal days. It's a giant puzzle.

The big trip happens here. Let's budget 10 days. But it's around a weekend, so that takes 6 vacation days. You always want to keep a number of days in your back pocket. Cause you could get a call from a friend that says she's moving to New York and now you have a place to crash in NYC. You know you have to go to San Francisco cause you missed going last year. And there's that pesky Iceland trip that has been quietly in the works for the last two years. And maybe a relative is getting married on the coast.

So many possibilities.

Three years ago, Elias and I took a Spring Break trip to Disney World. The next year, we took a road trip to …