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Who's in for Global Entry?? Me!! Me!!

I'd never really given Global Entry much thought.  It was something I'd read occasionally on a travel blog.  Or something in an article somewhere.  But it wasn't ever a plan in my brain.  I mean, sure, my foreign travel has increased more than I'd expected over the last two or three years (or so).  But Global Entry was for people who traveled waaaaaay more than I did.  Right??

What is Global Entry, you might ask??'s basically a Fast Pass (to coin a Disney I tend to do) through Customs and Immigration.  Instead of standing behind a lady paying more attention to her cell phone in the Customs line - something YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE IN LINE, you skip the line with the non-Global Entry chumps and use a kiosk to enter your basic Customs info.  It's supposed to be a speedy process.  And if you have a tight connection, a speedy process pays for itself.  (Here's where I should be linking to my post for flying back to Chicago after the trip t…