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The Last Two Months - aka "I'm Sooooooooo Lazy"

I really don't have any excuse.
Two months have come and gone.  No fewer than three trips have been had.  And I have posted nothing.
It's not like I haven't tried.  I have various posts saved in various places.  But nothing seemed to stick.    I've found that if I don't write while I am on the road, I don't write.  So...lesson learned.
But I have been here and there in the last few months.  So...what better to do than share a few pictures.
Florida - September
I tend to hit the Orlando area once a year.  There are always reasons.  Mostly, just cause I want to be in Orlando.  It is my most favoriteist place in the whole world.  And while I haven't been everywhere, I've been to enough places to know I love the theme park mecca of Orlando.  When an opportunity came about for me to travel to Central Florida for work, I knew I would go.  And I knew I'd stop at Orlando for a few days first.  Luckily, my friend Gina is from Orlando and she was coming…