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Getting Our Bearings with Big Bus Hong Kong

Thursday, November 25th

In almost every big city, you can find one of those “hop on/hop off” busses where tourists go to see the sights.It’s an efficient way to get from place to place with no fuss, no muss.

I’ve never taken these busses before.
I’m not really opposed to taking them.But they just never really made it on my radar.Kat was the one who brought it up for this particular trip.And we happily obliged.It was a new experience and could be a way to see the city.
The only day that worked for us was Thursday.But we also had a tour planned for the middle of the day.It didn’t seem to be a big deal when we sought out the Big Bus Tour.
For $70-ish US dollars, the Deluxe Night Tour is a 48 hour pass that includes hop on/off privileges on three different routes, a ferry ride, a night tour and a cable car ride up to Victoria Peak.For $60-ish, you can take the Premium Night Tour which is a 24 hour pass.
Adele and I bought the Premium Tour.Kat chose the Deluxe Tour.I had plans scheduled on…

High Tea in Hong Kong - Peninsula Hotel

Wednesday, November 22nd
Afternoon Tea is one of my favorite things.  There's something wonderful about dressing up and sitting at a nicely decorated table without having a care in the world.  The waiter comes by to explain the tea options.  You look over at your friend and both nod that of course champagne is necessary for tea time.  The tea is poured quietly and elegantly and the tray of food arrives to the delight of everyone at the table.  Time drifts away as you catch up with whoever is at your table while snacking on little sandwiches, scones and of course, the pastries.  

Today was no exception.
As we began researching the trip to Hong Kong, it became very clear that we would be going to Afternoon Tea while we were here.  The bigger question was where we wanted to go.  One place stood out from the rest.  The Peninsula Hotel.  They were said to have the best tea in Hong Kong.  Done.
Now here's the thing.  The Peninsula Hotel does not accept reservations for tea.  Their …