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Istanbul-Bound!! - Turkish Thanksgiving Day 1 and 2

Wednesday, November 21st and Thursday, November 22nd

We might need to go back to the beginning for this one...

In the middle of September, Adele and I noticed a sale fare to Istanbul. There wasn't too much of a thought to it. We've seen multiple sale fares to various parts around the globe. We can't go everywhere. Yet. But that sale fare was tempting. And persistent.

I looked a little closer one time. Between Christmas and New Year. It was $300 higher than the sale fare. The price was just a bit far out of our grasp. On September 20th, the stars all aligned.

The day started with a bit of They Might Be Giants. As I left Union Station and began the walk to the office, I heard "Istanbul, Not Constantinople" on the iPhone. As I listened, I texted Adele and said it was "a sign." Early in the workday, she e-mailed me to say the Thanksgiving flight was a little over $500 round trip. That's where shit got real. We had a few back and forth e-m…

The Kebob Crawl - Turkish Thanksgiving Day 5 (Part 2)

November 25, 2012

The Kebob Crawl was set up almost as quickly as the airfare was purchased. I'm not sure entirely how it happened, but I think it was Adele who came up with the idea. Four or five locations, food at each location. And we didn't have to pay for we were eating. We had to pay for it in advance, of course, but...

We actually ventured out into a whole other neighborhood to start this crawl. For the most part, we stuck close to Sultanhanamet. This is where the majority of the "old" areas existed that we wanted to see. It wasn't until we took the Tram to the Funicular (total fail...I thought we'd go up a huge in the Alps. Apparently, I didn't look at the topography of Istanbul before I came.) that we saw a whole unexplored area.

Shopping, multiple Starbucks, a very European feel. We kind of missed all of this until now. And we didn't have time to explore. We walked by a cute little place that was like a bookst…