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Sydney Stories - One Single Day (Ok, Maybe Two Days)

June 2016 Let's start with the basics here.  I was in Australia in early June.  As I'm writing this, it's August.  You guys, I can't explain why it's taken so long.  I mean, life and everything takes over, but I don't do much normally.  Sure, it's a slower time at work, so I could be doing this at the office, but then I'd be even further behind on the staff reviews I should have had finished two weeks ago.  And I could be doing this at home, but there's only so much time to sit slack-jawed in front of the television. So here we are.  Let's go back a few months. Sydney was weird.  And by weird, I don't mean the city was weird.  I mean what we did in Sydney was a bit awkward.  We had two full days to explore.  And we had a bit of a bummer with the rain.  There was serious rain around Sydney during our stay.  So anything we tried to do would be based around how much we were dealing with the rain.  We focused our attention to the walkable