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Heading Home?? - The Graduation Adventure Day 15

Thursday, June 5th I've stopped writing about the trip home.  Mostly because there are rarely stories attached to the trip.  You get up, get to the airport, wait for the plane, get home, blah, blah, blah.  But sometimes you have to write about the travel home.  Sometimes, things go weird enough that the story needs to be remembered.  Unfortunately, this was one of those times. Our flight home was 1215p.  We were ready.  After the big Disneyland day two days before, and yesterday's day of mostly rest (and awful weather), the knowledge that we were a few hours away from takeoff was comforting.  The bus came at 7a.  Then again at 9a.  Then various other times in the day.  But we didn't care about those times.  We were told to board a bus thee hours prior to our flight.  Our choice was four hours early or two hours early.  We figured, let's do early.  Less of a chance for racing.  The one thing we didn't want to do was race. So the first issue of the mornin

Our Final French Adventure: Disney Studios - The Graduation Adventure Day 14

Wednesday, June 4th It's raining this morning.  Which is kind of fitting for several reasons.  It has rained a lot while we were visiting Europe.  Mostly in the UK, but a little in France as well.  But we are worn out from yesterday.  Worn out hard.  The rain kind of works for us because it instantly makes us move slower (easy to do at this point) and it also gives us license to take it easy on the final day. I always knew this day would be the hardest.  Which is why we waited until the end of the trip to attack Disneyland Paris.  One day at a park is hard enough.  Combine that feeling with the culmination of 13 additional days of travel...I was guessing today is going to be very low-key.  And based what I'd heard about the Disney Studios Park, this is probably a fitting place to be. What I didn't expect was how hard the mighty would fall. Elias was adamant this morning about showering and getting ready like normal.  I was perfectly happy lounging in bed unt

Disneyland Paris is Always a Good Idea - The Graduation Adventure Day 13

Tuesday, June 3rd I've been tossing and turning over how to handle today's adventure.  Metaphorically, that is.  I've been sleeping like a freaking baby over the last week due to my dependence on NyQuil since the Demon Cold set up camp in my body like some damn squatter.  You'll be happy to know, the cold is mostly gone, leaving an unfortunate coughing situation behind.  But I digress.  A lot.  Disneyland Paris.  Yeah, let's get back to that. I mean, I have a ton of photos.  And that's what people want, right??  Or do they want to hear how Disneyland Paris (DLP) is different from Disneyland (DL) or Walt Disney World (WDW)??  Or do I just cobble together the day we had with intermittent bursts of pictures followed by silly stories we lived through??  Yeah...that's probably the case. So I guess this will be a warning.  If you're reading this, you know I tend to ramble and post long "recaps" of our day.  This is Disney,'s gonn