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#13 - Extebarri

September 6th, 2015

It wasn't easy to get here.  There's a whole post about it coming up.  Or maybe there might not be.  I have one written, but  even a month later, the experience of the afternoon is still kind of raw.  There were issues with directions and Jane, the GPS.  There was a road that went nowhere and a scene straight out of The Office.  But at the end of the journey was a restaurant.  We were always going to make it here.  Even if it took us all day.

Extebarri is another restaurant on San Pellegrino's Top 50 list.  This restaurant, like Arzak the day before, was an event.  And it was inevitable we were going to do this.

Well, it was kind of inevitable.  We talked about the restaurants in San Sebastian.  It was probably after watching Bourdain in Spain.  Adele texted me asking how I felt about Extebarri.  I remember watching Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow (or Mark Bittman and Claudia was some combo of the four) on "Spain - On the Road Again&…

A Spanish Birthday Celebration - A Whole Different Wine Country (Day 6)

September 4th, 2015

Waking up in a Five Star Hotel isn't any different than staying in a non-Five Star Hotel.  It just takes you a little longer to get going.  Because why leave a comfy bed when you can stay in one for just a little longer.

Truth be told, we didn't have to race in the morning.  Well...we had to rush a little bit.  We only had one night in the hotel.  And unfortunately, we couldn't have a late check out.  So we lingered a bit more than we probably should.  But we couldn't start the day without a good breakfast.

Breakfast was included with the stay.  I know it was part of the package, but honestly, it seemed like they weren't checking any rooms.  My guess is they knew who everyone was as we walked in the door.  So maybe you don't want to saunter in without knowing if breakfast is included in your stay.

Our breakfast began with a glorious buffet.  It wasn't until midway through the breakfast that they asked if we wanted any extras.  I had the poac…