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The Road Trip Adventure: Day 3 - Detour to the Netherlands. Again. Sort of.

July 6th, 2013

And so we come to the end of the trip. Where we just drive home and snuggle back into real life...

Psych!! There would really no reason to have a post then would there??

As we drove to Michigan, we looked all around for "sights." Reasons to pull over the car and hang out. And we really...didn't find much. That's not a slam against the mitten. We rarely find things while on the road. But then we drove through Holland. Since Elias and I just got back from our jaunt to the Netherlands, we chatted about Dutch things and how it was funny we are driving through Holland. It turned into a running joke. So basically, we had to stop in Holland on the drive home.

Holland, MI was only an hour (at the most) from our hotel. So it was not really a middle-of-the-trip stop. But it didn't matter. It ended up being a really great end to our trip. Wait. Should I have put a Spoiler Alert?? Dang it...

Last night, we looked at the options for Holland.…

The Road Trip Adventure - Day 2: Cherries and Pie and Wine and Driving (Oh, My??)

July 5, 2013

Originally, we would have just gone home today. We went to the park, got some food and slept away the night. Our job here is done. But one day in the office, I was talking about how we were going to go to Michigan to the park. Robyn casually mentioned another co-worker was going to the Cherry Festival in Traverse City. My ears perked up as I heard about the sweet sound of cherries. So a little research was in order.

The National Cherry Festival is held every year in Traverse City, Michigan. My first thought was, "I'm sure Traverse City is right around the corner from Muskegon. I mean, how big is Michigan??" Sometimes, I'm not that smart when it comes to geography. Traverse City is 2.5 hours from Muskegon. But I would not be deterred when cherries are involved. The idea was floated to Mom and she was in. Elias?? Well, he would be fine wherever we decided to go. And if he wasn't, well...he didn't have much of a choice.

Normally, we s…

The Road Trip Adventure - Day 1: On the Road

July 4, 2013

The trip, like all trips, started off simple. I had a shiny new card in my possession and I needed a quick amusement park hit. Plus, we had a four day weekend coming up. The universe was basically telling me I needed to hit the road. The only decision needed was where to go.

I called Elias. The choice was Cincinnati or Muskegon. He hadn't been to either. And the drive was only 3.5-5 hours (depending on the location). As we talked about the options, I asked if he'd like Mom to come along. Or I just asked Mom if she wanted to come along. Either way, to my surprise, she said yes. Mom and Elias talked. Michigan was the winner. Worked for me. It was less time for me to drive. The final road trip question was answered in a way I didn't expect.

A few days before we were heading out, I asked Elias to start putting together some CDs for the car. I made a reference to Mom and Dad's Camry. Mom responded, "Oh, I thought we were going in your ca…