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The Next Travel Countdown - T-Minus 2 Weeks

I feel like I can officially start the countdown. It might have made more sense to start the countdown at four weeks. Or maybe one week. But the countdown can officially start because I finally have our travel information. Yeah, you heard that right. I have barely done any planning for this one. This trip is a group trip. It's not that I've shyed away from the group trip before. It's just that I haven't done one. I haven't needed to do one. The trips I've taken have been with a few people and they've been easy to put together (and by "easy", I do include the South America trip. It did fall together easier than expected). The trips in the past few years have mostly consisted of, "Wanna go to (Insert Location Here)??" "Ok." "How about this hotel??" "Fine." "We could do this..." "Sounds good to me!!" If we did something, great. If we didn't, then we didn't. It alwa

Seattle - Where Work and Food Meet

August 3rd - The Road to Seattle The day started strong.  I didn't have problems lugging my carryon on the train.  I changed seats from the middle to the window.  I had chai.  And it seemed like my flight was going to have WiFi!!  I might consider finally paying for WiFi on the plane.  It just seems so futuristic... Brian was the one that first alerted me to any danger.  "Did you see your flight is delayed??" Huh??  It was barely even 130p. I wasn't checking my on-time record. Actually, chances were I wouldn't have checked before I left anyway, almost ensuring an audible, "Maaaaaaannnnnnnn..." when I checked the departures at O'Hare.  So I checked the AA app.  Sure enough.  The flight out was at 830p.  The delayed time - 930p.  Ok, so I had a little longer to hang out at work.  No biggie.  Luckily, work actually imploded today, so I could have stayed in the office until my departure time and still could have kept going.  But I'm not going t

But I Need My Foot to Walk!!

I've come to a horrible realization. I will have to have surgery this year. I thought I had dodged a bullet. But I know now that the bullet was apparently more of a boomerang. It can be dodged, but it will always turn around and hit me square in the ass. Or I guess the foot. About a year ago, my foot started to hurt. Not a ton, but enough that I noticed it. I didn't think of the pain too much. Every once in a while, I'd feel a twinge of something and look down. It wasn't until a little while into the process that I noticed my foot was becoming more and more deformed by a Tailor's Bunion . In early October, I finally bit that bullet and went to the Podiatrist. My WebMd diagnosis was correct. Tailor's Bunion. It was a bit inflamed and filled with fluid. So I gritted my teeth and got shot up with cortisone. The doctor said it should help with the inflammation for a while, but it would come back. He mentioned orthodics (which I'd like to thank