The Last Two Months - aka "I'm Sooooooooo Lazy"


I really don't have any excuse.

Two months have come and gone.  No fewer than three trips have been had.  And I have posted nothing.

It's not like I haven't tried.  I have various posts saved in various places.  But nothing seemed to stick.    I've found that if I don't write while I am on the road, I don't write.  So...lesson learned.

But I have been here and there in the last few months.  So...what better to do than share a few pictures.

Florida - September

I tend to hit the Orlando area once a year.  There are always reasons.  Mostly, just cause I want to be in Orlando.  It is my most favoriteist place in the whole world.  And while I haven't been everywhere, I've been to enough places to know I love the theme park mecca of Orlando.  When an opportunity came about for me to travel to Central Florida for work, I knew I would go.  And I knew I'd stop at Orlando for a few days first.  Luckily, my friend Gina is from Orlando and she was coming along for the work trip.  She said she hadn't been to the parks without kids in forever.  I was ready to show her how I tackle the parks.  First stop...Universal Studios.

Of course, I'm going to stop for a scene from The Walking Dead.

There's a whole new Springfield area at Universal Studios.  Love. It.  I actually took fewer pics than I should have taken.


Ok.  This is a real thing and made it into my belly.  A Chicken and Waffle Sandwich.  I regret nothing.

I do get slightly motion sick, but I do not lean over railings and puke.  So...yay, me!!

Day Two was spent at Disney.  Cause, Disney.  We only had one day to spend at Disney World.  There was only one option.  Epcot.  It's my favorite park and has been since I was 10 and went to Disney for the first time.  And there are many food items.  Many that Gina has never, ever tried.  I was going to change that.

Welcome to Disney!!

The view from the All Star Sports Resort.  I wish we had more time to spend in a pool.

Not Donald.  But this duck hung near us as we sat down for dinner.

Originally, we were going to meet one of my stations for dinner on Sunday night.  But we met up on Saturday instead.  Sunday, we were on our own.  We made a reservation for the Rose and Crown.  I knew I could chow on Scotch Eggs and Cider.  That's all I needed.  I also hoped we'd have good seating for Illuminations.  We did.  We really did.  We had about two hours before the show.  And I made sure we told the waitstaff that we'd stick around until the show started.  They were more than happy to oblige.

Illuminations is my favorite.  Hands down.

On the way to the car...

We drove from Orlando to Tampa, where both Gina and I hunkered down for our conference.  And there are very few things to write home about.  But we did go on a dinner cruise.  And we had a quick cable car to Ybor City.  So it wasn't just work.

After dinner.  Before the other folks found our fantastic hiding place.

Funny since I have publicly railed against taking pics with an iPad in the past.

Riot Fest: Chicago - September

I made it home, then a few days later, my friend Chuck came to town for Riot Fest.  It was raining and cold.  This is how I spent the day.

I was also wearing a scarf.  It just rained so much.
Cincinnati - September

I knew Elias and I would take a quick jaunt away for an amusement park run.  The choice was Cincinnati or Cleveland.  We actually have Cleveland plans in December, so the process of elimination was Cincinnati.  We drove up on a Saturday morning and played for a bit before actually going to Kings Island.  Nighttime at an amusement park in September is all about scares.  We spent a little time there, then went back to the hotel.  But we also went back on Sunday morning.  It was a quick jaunt, but a really good trip.  We ate So. Much. Food.

Windseeker!!  We love the Windseeker, but it's rarely running when we visit.  Except during this trip.  It was running both days.  Elias makes fun of me, cause I'm not great with heights.  So I may not have been able to move my head too much on this one.

Bah!!  What if I want to touch Dinosaurs??

Daylight.  A Hearse.  Starbucks.  Kind of perfect.


We did not go on this.

San Francisco - October

I have known Sarah for years.  So many years.  So many years that we can gleefully say we've known each other for THIRTY FOUR years!!  Chad came into our circle of friendship in grade school.  And many, many years later, we all reconnected at Sarah's house for a Girl's Weekend in San Francisco.  We ate a lot.  We drank...some, though not as much as I'd have expected (maybe cause Chad doesn't drink).  This was really needed and a great weekend.

Pride Vineyard.  It's where the wine lives!!


Why can't I live here??

After the first two days in San Francisco, my worst fears came true when my camera broke.  Some sensor thing.  The update (several weeks later) is that it would cost nearly half the amount of a new (and upgraded) camera to fix the old one.  Which means...I'm going to have to spring for a new camera.  Sooner rather than later.  For reasons that'll become very clear right now and next week.  Stay tuned...

We spent some time in Chinatown.

Our bottle of Champagne (or sparkling wine) moments before the glass shattered, taking the glorious liquid with it.

Neighborhood Dog.

It's been a bit of a whirlwind over the last few weeks.  Self-imposed whirlwind, but a whirlwind nonetheless.  There are two months left in the year.  And for a year that had been deemed less active this has been a bit more insane than I'd have ever imagined.


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