Severe Gluttony: Epcot - A Disney Christmas Day 2.0

December 5th, 2014

This was always going to be the Epic Food Day.  Because Epcot is always about the food.  So I'm not going to go through our daily jaunt like I would normally do.  This day will focus on what we ate.  Those of you who don't care about food (really??) can cast this day aside.  I'll see you tomorrow.  But for those of you who care...let us begin.

Morning Snack - Gelato Cookie Sandwich

If you want to start eating, you start big.  We made it to Epcot when the park opened.  So we did twirl around Future World for a bit until it was time for World Showcase to open.  Once the ropes dropped around China, we trucked it over to Italy.  The gelato cart was barely open and the Cast Member was still getting everything into place, but we started the line.  The Cast Member immediately turned on the charm and made me want to drop everything to move to Italy.  You know, the accent and all of the talk of gelato...

I rarely ever think about Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Excuse me...Gelato Sandwiches.  But the last two times I've been to Disney, I just waaaaant them.  And this time I did something I never thought I'd do.  I didn't visit the Boulangerie in France.  I KNOW!!  That's my favorite place ever.  And I didn't make the yearly pilgrimage.

But the Gelato Sandwich - vanilla gelato and chocolate chip cookies - totally worth not visiting the Boulangerie.  The gelato was a bit softer than I was hoping it would be, but I sucked it all down.  It started sprinkling a little bit, so we ducked into France to watch the movie.  And during the movie, I had a food epiphany.

Pre-Lunch Snack - Scotch Egg and Cider

The reality was we were butting up against lunchtime.  But our lunch wasn't until happening until 2p-ish at Le Cellier.   I did have Oatmeal for breakfast and a Gelato Sandwich for a Morning Snack.  It was noon.  And I was hungry.  This was our chance to have the favorite combo at Disney.  We stopped at Rose and Crown for Scotch Eggs and Cider!!

As silly as it sounds, fate was on our side with the trip.  We walked into Rose and Crown and instantly found a table near the bar.  Scott grabbed the drinks and ordered the snacks while I made sure no one took our glorious table.

I'm not sure how long we hung out at the Rose and Crown, but the time we spent there was perfect.  Cider works at any time in the day.  And Scotch Eggs are now the food that Scott and I have to find any time we get together.  And it's the food I keep bringing up to other people.  "Have you tried a Scotch Egg yet??  You haven't??  Ooh...let me explain the hard boiled egg surrounded with pork sausage and deep-fried goodness..."  I'm kind of a jerk.

I really do love this decoration.  Because I love me some tea.

Lunch - Poutine, Steak Tartare and Wine

Le Cellier is one of the hardest reservations to come by at Epcot.  On a random day a few weeks ago, I went looking for reservations online.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a 230p reservation available for the day we'd be spending in Epcot.  Done and done.

From the start, Scott was talking about the steak he was going to eat.  But the reality is the food at Le Cellier is expensive.  If you want a steak, you're looking at spending $50 for the steak.  Which is definitely a deterrent.  But the other reality was we had eaten a bit earlier and had 7p reservations for dinner.  Yes, we're idiots.  So Scott's plan for steak changed.  My plan wasn't ever to have steak.  It's a very rare moment when I order steak.  Heh.  See what I did there??  Yeah...I'll see myself out...

We had to order Poutine.  This is just something that has to be ordered.  Especially when there's a poached egg and bacon on top.  Then I ended up with Steak Tartare while Scott had a Caesar Salad.  Totally different than what we planned, but perfect for our day of consumption.

It's no secret that I loved spending time in Canadian Wine Country.  So I was looking forward to trying some Canadian wine at Le Cellier.  Honestly, I was hoping to find some wine from the Ontario Wine Country area, but it was more British Columbia-focused.  I had a lovely glass of red wine from British Columbia and it went well with everything.

My god, I was stuffed.  But the food wasn't over yet.

Dinner - Baked Brie, Moroccan Lamb Sausages and Wine

Sometimes you have to stop and say, Really??  We're doing more eating??  Because my god...

Spice Road Table is the newest restaurant at Epcot.  It's a higher end Middle Eastern restaurant overlooking the water.  And we figured we had to try it while we were here.  What we hadn't accounted for was the massive food baby rapidly forming in our midsection.

While we were planning our trip, we kept thinking we could be seated for the 7p reservation and maybe hang around long enough to see Illuminations at 930p.  But we also knew we couldn't hoard a table and just drink water for two hours.  Because I knew I couldn't keep eating or I would be unable to function in society.  It turns out we were seated almost as far away from the water as humanly possible.  This was actually better.  We didn't have to pretend or try to make a "should we stay or should we go" kind of decision. We had a glass of wine (don't count where we stand at this point...I know the number and it spanned over MANY hours), Baked Brie (really good, but could have used more bread) and Moroccan Lamb Sausage (a smidge dry, but had a good flavor).  And seriously, I was done with food.

Pre-Illuminations - Salted Caramel

I know I said I was done.  But there was a drink that I had to try.  So as we camped out in an alcove, waiting for Illuminations, Scott took off and found this drink.  Salted Caramel.  Not a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate or Coffee.  But liquid Caramel in drink form.  Then salted.

I need a moment.  And I needed a moment then too.  The picture above is awful.  I get that.  But I had to share what I could with this.  The drink comes in a small plastic cup.  And at first, you think, "Is this all??"  By the middle of the drink, I was handing it over to Scott.  Because I just couldn't anymore.  Even if I hadn't consumed my body weight in food today, I think I would have handed half of the drink over to Scott.  It was amazing, but so rich, but so good.

We did do other things at Epcot other than eat.  But I also look back at the day and realize how much we didn't do.  There were so many holiday events going on for each country, but we barely saw any of them.  Then again, we ate everything, so I think we did pretty well here.  No complaints.  At least today.  Digestion could be a problem going forward...

You guys, people taking pictures with iPads is an EPIDEMIC!!

I love this ride, but haven't been on it in years.

Heh.  Spaceship Earth.  The picture thing is funny every time.


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