The General Plan - A Disney Christmas Day 0

December 3rd, 2014

I've decided to structure this Disney story differently than in year's past. I mean, let's not kid ourselves. I've been doing the Disney thing long enough that the stories are mostly the same. Wake up at the crack of ass, get to the park at rope drop, then stagger back to the hotel in the late, late evening all the while complaining that your feet are like ground beef. And I can't deny, I'm writing this all up a good week (or two) after getting home from the trip and this is kind of what happened. Which...Spoiler Alert, I guess??

So instead of rehashing Trips of Disney's Past, I'm going to focus on the new stuff. New experiences. New restaurants. New hotels. Whatever seems new, I'll write about it. Which could mean more blogs and stories. Which, if you're still with me at the end, will be a bit of a miracle.

But before we start on Disney, we have to get there first.

My flight left Chicago at 3p. Which becomes slightly awkward when you have to decide, "Work or Home??" 3p is too early in the day to be able to work a full day in the office. But it also feels like a wasted vacation day. Normally, I am very, very judicious when it comes to vacation days. But I still had two extra days available (which, I know...crazy, right??). So I slept in and enjoyed a leisurely moment with Starbucks. But there was a whole stupid e-mail thing with work, but whatever...

And this was lunch.

After the morning I had, I really needed this wine.  Also, if you stop for a drink at Bubbles (which, do), don't be a dummy.  Get the 6 oz of wine, not the 3 oz.  You're not fooling anyone with the 3 oz order.  In fact, it's kind of embarrassing that you've ordered the 3 oz to begin with.  Plus, if you find the guy with the ear plugs, he will give you free samples.  Drink up.  It's ok.

If you're going to the Happiest Place on Earth and don't really like kids, the flight to Orlando seems rather daunting.  But if you want to keep away from the kids as long as possible, take the American flight at 305p on a random Wednesday in early December.  Cause there were no kiddos on my flight.  It was filled with Business Travelers.  Which has to be the reason I couldn't get the First Class Upgrade.  Dammit.

Unlike last time, I beat Scott to Orlando by an hour or two.  I was ok with that.  I had a book I was working on so I was fine to wait and read.  At first, I made myself comfortable with a Christmassy view...

But soon enough, I needed to hang out where I would be recognized from some dope from North Carolina.  So I made my way to Disney's Magical Express.  Go from Terminal A to Terminal B, then down to Ground Level Transportation (Level 1).  You can't miss it.  Though Scott did nearly miss me.  But that's what texting is for.  "Where are you??"  "By the escalator."  "Which escalator??"  "Ummm..."

I had the monorail all to myself!!
We did eventually find each other.  And we began the ride to the hotel.  Now, we had grand plans for tonight.  Planes landed, get to the hotel, then go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for drinks and nibblies.  But I do forget about the biggest factor of all.  Public (Disney) Transportation.  It takes time to get on the bus to the Caribbean Beach Resort.  Then, we'd have to take the bus from the hotel to a park, then to the AKL, then back again.  Which would take forever.  We arrived to the hotel after 9p.  So we knew it would be a saga.  Which meant we spent the evening at the food court.  Meh, I had wine for lunch.  Tomorrow was going to be a big day.  We needed some kind of sleep.

Our first sight at the hotel.  Thanks, Disney!!


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