Summer Plans - I Finally Have Some!!

Normally, I avoid Summer travel like the plague. It could be because I don't like people and I don't want to travel with swarms of them., that really is the main reason. People are horrible and I don't like to be around them. Plus, it's much more expensive to travel in the summer. Normally, I have bigger trips planned during more of the fringe seasons. So I run out of vacation days to use in the summer. This year is not one of those years. I have the days and I am going to use them.

Trip #1 - Memorial Day. West Palm Beach, Florida

Liz and I have been trying to plan a trip for forever. We discussed Iceland (still in the works), but the good deals weren't available during Memorial Day. And we're both going insane at work, so planning/researching a trip wasn't going to be an option. So we went with the easy vacation. I'm going to visit Liz in West Palm Beach for a weekend of sitting by the pool. Perfection. There was discussion of going to Miami for the weekend, but we both felt that Miami would be more of a frantic kind of trip. And neither of us were interested in a frantic trip. We want food. We want wine. We want relaxation. So West Palm Beach it is. And. I. Can't. Wait. I won't work. I won't think about work. I'm going to relax. Ahhh...

Trip #2 - Early June. We're Going to Disneyland!!

Elias and I were supposed to take a trip over Spring Break. It was our "Tradition." But every time I looked at trip ideas, I was met with high prices. Then, work exploded. So the trip was postponed. Thank god it was postponed, because I wouldn't have been able to go on a trip had I planned for it in March. Now, work is more manageable ('s all relative at this point), so trips are happening. Our trip is to Los Angeles. We're going to Disneyland!!

I asked Elias where he wanted to go. He said, "LA would be cool." Then a little while later, "If we go to LA, does that mean we can't go to Disneyland??" I explained how close LA and Anaheim were and he was ready. Then, as if the universe was on our side, on Leap Day, I found a massively good flight on American Airlines. I had the flights in the cart before I even checked to see if Elias was out of school during those days. The cheap flight seemed directionally proportional to the massive cost of hotels in both Disney and Santa Monica. Oh well...I haven't been to LA since the early 2000's (back when I thought I might be able to get a job out there...or back when I half-heartedly looked for a job out there). And Elias has never been. And, well...we like Disney. So why not?? Plus, it'll be our chance to meet up with our cousin Chris. We haven't seen him in yeeeeeeeeeears. Chris lives in LA and knows the area. I promised him food if he wanted to be our tour guide. Chris likes food as much as I do. I think he might get the better deal in this scenario :)

Trip #3+ - June/July/August. Theme Parking.

Our new client is a theme park. And we've been busting ass over the last five months trying to get them all on the air. So I'm going to take full advantage of our new client. This summer, I'm planning on taking quick weekends (or really long days) to Midwestern theme parks. As long as I can scam the free tickets...

Trip #4 or 5 or so - July/August. New York!! San Francisco!!

These are in no way finalized. San Francisco is a little more in the works. New York is more of a pipe dream. Either one would be good. Both would be great. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both...

Various Summer Plans - Concerts and Such...

Not only do I have plans to get out of town, but I also seem to have a higher than average number of tickets to events this summer. I have two shows during the "Just for Laughs" Comedy Fest (John Oliver and Stephen Merchant - I have a type...). And Idina Menzel at Ravinia in July. Fantastic.

For the first time in many years, I'm really looking forward to summer. Let's hope it can live up to my expectations. Please...any trip will live up to my expectations. Summer will be fabulous. And then, it's almost time for Orlando in October. Ahhh...this is what keeps me going when work/life gets crazy. There's always something in the works. I love it.


  1. I'm going to Pinckneyville. Via Lisle. So there.


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