I'm Going to Disneyland!! (aka "Elias and Carrie's Excellent Summer Vacation) Day 1

I'm probably the most excited about this trip than I have been about any trip in the last year. I'm not sure why. I'm guessing part of it is because I haven't been on a full-on vacation in a while. I did end up in West Palm last week, so I can't say I haven't been anywhere. But a good, old-fashioned vacation...this is the first in a while.

We started the planning a few months ago. Elias and I missed out on our "traditional" Spring Break trip. And it's good that we did, cause we wouldn't have been able to go on vacation as crazy as we're planning for next week. Because we're going to Disneyland!!

I've been to Walt Disney World more often than I can say. I've written about it before. I'm going again (October!!). It's one of my favorite places to go in the world. It's a place I go when I don't want to deal with anything else. I can go to Orlando and leave all of my cares back in Illinois. This is where I went by myself when I was considering changing jobs six years ago (aka "when I nearly had a nervous breakdown"). I now take people for their first (and now second and third) trip to the parks. I love going.

But Disneyland is a complete mystery. I don't know what is where. I don't know where to dine. I'm not sure how to plan the evening extravaganza's. It's very similar, but completely different. Plus, I'm not as completely crazy for work, but I very much need to get away for a few days. So we did.

Wednesday, June 6th

We just had a Lost-style bit of turbulence. No one flew out of their chair or anything (though that would have been AWESOME), but some headphones went flying in the row in front of us. And a few seconds later, the flight attendant came over the speakers and said, "Please make sure to keep your seatbelts fastened.". No kidding, dude.

For the most part, the flight has been uneventful. Kind of like the day itself. It started out in the frenzy of the last minute packing (will I ever learn??) and continued in the workplace insanity (seriously, we'd like to catch a break at some point). As I walked out the door around 4p, I vowed to take it easy. Well...as easy as possibly when going Kamikaze-style in theme parks. As Elias and I sat in the airport, I could feel the stress slipping away. It didn't stop me from answering a few emails (cause of course I would have forgotten to answer someone's question before I left!!). Soon enough though, we were in the air. There wasn't anything I could do. There wasn't anything I wanted to do. Ultimately, I have to believe the world can survive without me for three days.

Our first stop after we landed was always going to be In N Out Burger. This is the one food item that I've never had where people audibly gasped. I guess as the person who eats a lot (and takes pictures) of food, the expectation is that I've been here. I haven't. I just don't make it to the West Coast often. But when in Los Angeles...

I actually pondered which location to go much more than I should have. I told Elias we were going to do this once we landed so it became part of the plan. Never mind we are getting into LAX around 1030p. Never mind we are 30+ minutes away from our hotel. Never mind a burger is going to sit in our stomachs and cause us great distress early in the morning. Nope, it doesn't matter. We are going to eat these freaking burgers, shove some fries in our gaping maw and wash it all down our pie hole with a shake. I was possibly looking forward to this part most of all on our trip.

Now, I don't entirely know what I was expecting. I think I needed my taste buds to explode in joy. What I got was...a good burger, mediocre fries and an ok shake. Elias said his burger was ok. I think because he didn't add the onions. He tried my burger and he perked up a bit more. Overall though, I think my expectations were too high for the burger. I'd go back, but I'm also not a big fast food goer. I thought the value was good. We got a decent amount of food for cheap. Points off for them not selling bottles of water,

45 minutes later, it was 1a and we had found our hotel and done some unpacking. I'm a bit of a slob in hotels, but Elias has taken over every single surface. He's totally scamming every area. I took off my jewelry and he had a bag on the table. I put my bag near my bed, but he had thrown his stuff next to my bed. Oh good lord. I also might have a concussion, since I went forehead first into the side of the desk chair. In my defense, I had a black fleece jacket thrown on the back of the chair, so I think it was being camouflaged.

I'd love to explain all about the hotel and other stuff, but it's almost 2a (Disneyland Time). We have a 545a wake up call. We are idiots...


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