St. Tropez: Crusing for a Sunburn - South of France Spectacular Day 5

August 8, 2012

This was the last day of full on excursions. Well, this is the day before the day before we leave and we haven't had any down time, so this should be the last day of excursions. Mom was excited about the day. We were off to St. Tropez. On a boat. We were going on a boat to St. Tropez. Just like celebrities. Ok, not just like them, but close enough.

We learned last night that our departure time was actually 15 minutes earlier than we were originally told. Considering we are always 15 minutes early for everything anyway, it wasn't a big deal. Though it was obnoxious when we were finally leaving 5 minutes later than the original time we were supposed to depart. Sorry, but if you're waiting for that one person and they're late...they're going to have to catch a cab. But I digress. We had a 20 minute walk to the port where we found our boat. Last night, several people who went on the excursion the day before told us to go to the upper level of the boat. We also learned from their mistake and knew to use sunscreen. Which if you know me at all, you'll know there is always a sunburn story when the phrase "I used plenty of sunscreen" is used.

The boat took off and we were on the upper level of the boat. My hair was flapping in the breeze (though not everyone's was. How does that happen?? Or not happen??). The sun was shining and we were on our way to St. Tropez. On our way there, we saw yacht after yacht. One, the guide pointed out was owned by Dennis Washington. Someone thought she meant Denzel Washington. That someone was wrong. It's a dude named Dennis. I wish it would have been Denzel. It would have made for a better story. We saw a week ago that Neil Patrick Harris (and his family) was on a boat with Elton John (and his family) in the area. I was actively searching for NPH as I know he and I would become best friends in an instant.

We docked in St Tropez and wandered with a guide for about 30 minutes. She pointed out where we were, how to get back to the boat, and where to buy the little St Tropez pastries from the famous pastry shop. Priorities!! Once we separated from the group, Mom and I immediately went back to the pastry shop. We got a sandwich, the pastries and a strawberry tart. Luckily, we found some shade on some steps in the square and ate our pastries. And lunch. I still don't know what kind of sugar it is that they put on the breads and the Baby Trop, but I have got to find this. It would be fabulous on sugar cookies!!

This was the first moment since we got to France that we've had time to go shopping. We didn't seem to find a ton of stuff, but we did some window shopping. The running joke is that we need to come back to the States having purchased a bauble in France (someone on the bus the first day mentioned wanting to buy a bauble...she could probably afford a bauble. Us, not so much. I won't deny, I started looking for baubles. For whatever reason, I keep seeing these stretchy bracelets in different colors with a charm in the middle of the bracelet (can be stretched to any size). The ones I keep seeing have skull charms. I totally want some. But I didn't get one today. We plan to shop hard in Cannes tomorrow.

At a certain point, Mom asked, "What do you think of St Tropez??" Well, it's a beach town. I think it would be the same if you hung out in Hilton Head for the day knowing you weren't going on a yacht or weren't going to hang by the beach. You can shop. You can see the sights. But you're going to miss out on something big in the city. And I think that was ultimately the issue. We missed the feel for St Tropez. It was pretty cool, but we were a day visitor. If we were there for longer, we would have gotten a better feel for everything. I think Mom was disappointed. I hope she wasn't too disappointed.

On the way back to the boat, we stopped in the restroom where I discover my nose was pink. Crap. I did put on the sunscreen. Several hours ago. We had to wait to get on the boat, but once we did, Mom and I made it back up to the top. Once we sat down, we reapplied sunscreen like freaks. Another two hours on the too level of a boat with no ceiling was going to be a problem. And we spent the whole time going back talking about ho we were getting fried. Why didn't we go downstairs?? Rumor had it there was no air conditioner. Screw that. I'll get burned.

It was a long walk back to the hotel. And we were pointing out burns on each other's skin. Cause that's not weird while walking down the street. By the time we got back to the room, I was convinced we would both have to be admitted into the local burn ward. But the reality...not as bad as we expected. Yes, I had splotchy burns (and a few really powerful ones), but it wasn't too bad. Mom's big area was her neck. Even that...not as bad as we thought it might be. Whew. We were slightly concerned.

We collapsed into a heap when we got back. A quick nap accidentally happened, then we went downstairs for our daily treat (champagne drink with fruit juice and something else to nibble on). Finally, I said we had to get out of the hotel or we would never leave. So we did.

We walked two blocks North to the main shopping drag. Rue de Antibes. Unfortunately, the shopping locations were closing. The good new I that we know where they are now. And they will be open in the morning. I did pick up my first macaron here. I'll be back there tomorrow to try the salted caramel one. That one was sold out. That has to be a great sign.

The walking just continued for a while more. Eventually, we got tired and started to head back. The cheese plate and champagne drinks were still keeping us full, so no dinner was needed. I was slightly disappointed as now we lost out on a chance to get Mom to have a full on French dining experience. Then again, we just saved 50 Euros. So...we might have won. We walked to the red carpet at the theatre where the Cannes Film Festival is held. Everyone was walking up to get their pictures taken on the red carpet. If there was a chance to not get photo bombed by others, I might have done it. Then again, we have been so hot and sticky (and now sunburned) that any picture of us would not be very glamorous.

We walked back to the hotel, but this time on the beach. We finally dipped our feet into the Mediterranean Sea. I think the sea actually gave me a bit of a rash on my leg. Otherwise, I'm catching that weird leg thing that Dad had a few years ago. I'm going with the idea of me being allergic to the sea. It was a nice walk back to the hotel. First though, we sat on the blue chairs that are everywhere. We just sat and people watched for about 30 minutes. It was nice. It was just nice to not have to race from place to place or be ready to go at a certain time. It was a lovely end to the evening.

Our night didn't actually end there. We did go back to the room and hung out the rest of the night. But we did order some room service. Apple tart (meh), Lemon tart (yum!!) and tea. Dinner of champions.

Thursday is our last full day in Cannes. We expect to spend the day shopping, eating, and maybe head to the pool. It should be a good end to the trip. And it will finally be a chance to spend some money. I have some Euros burning a hole in my pocket...


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