Back to Normal - A Canadian Wonderland: Day 5

Monday, September 2nd

We could have gone back to the park this morning.  We could have stopped at roadside attractions on the drive home.  We didn't do either.  My main goal was to get home earlier than the rest of the lunatics that spent their Labor Day Weekend in Michigan and Indiana.  But a cozy(ish) hotel bed was much more interesting than heading out at the crack of dawn.  I know we could have left Vaughan earlier, but screw it.  We were tired and had no real plan.

My only request was that our first stop needed to be Tim Hortons.  You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a Tim Hortons in Canada.  I'd heard of Tim Hortons, but wanted to try it out.  I knew they made donuts and coffee.  I like donuts.  I...don't like coffee, but could find another hot liquid to consume.  We had seen a Tim Hortons near our hotel yesterday as we drove to Wonderland.  But of course when you're really looking for something, it can't be found.

I swear to god, Tim Hortons did not want to be found.  Adele was getting more irritated as we drove around looking for this stupid donut shop.  I told Adele to pull over to this strip mall and we could look up the closest location.  And of course, there one was.  Not the one we were originally looking for, but another one just down the street.  Dead cat, anyone??


Tim Hortons surprised me a little bit.  I expected the donuts (they had no cake donuts, all yeast least at this one), but I didn't expect the breakfast sandwiches.  The menu looked great.  They had tons of coffees, teas, hot chocolates.  Good stuff.  I did get a chocolate covered yeast donut and a tea latte.  The tea was a little disappointed, but because I couldn't find sugar (I like my tea with enough sugar to mistake the drink for a candy bar.).  The donut was excellent.  Quite good.  And now, we could get on the road.

Our route took us north of Windsor/Detroit.  Every time we looked at the map, we asked ourselves, "Should we go through Windsor/Detroit instead??" The decision was made to listen to Google Maps and Mapquest and Nigel the GPS. And I'll say it was a good choice for one reason.

Crossing the border.

On the way to the Canadian side of Niagara, the customs area going into the US was terrifying.  Seriously terrifying.  There were tons of cameras and barbed wire and everything around that made you feel like you were committing a crime.  In Port Huron, Michigan the customs official waved us forward and asked us where we stayed.  Then waved us off saying, "Have a nice day!!"

What?? WHAT??

We had spent the drive from Vaughan trying to calculate the amount we spent.  What we would say if we were asked about any alcohol (which we clearly had in the trunk of the car).  And this guy waved us through without any questions and after being in line for approximately 90 seconds.  You know that wasn't going to happen in Windsor/Detroit.  Thank you, technology!!

Adele finally gave up the driving reigns a little outside of Lansing.  And I drove the rest of the way home.  We made one stop for lunchtime at Arby's.  Cause there's not that much else around.  And I saw a poster where they were selling Salted Caramel Milkshakes.  You bet I bought one.  It was dang tasty, but I instantly regretted the decision since I already felt like I was a completely bloaty mess.

The worker at Arby's gave me a look when I ordered this.  I don't think Salted Caramel is going over well outside of Lansing.

The drive back ended up being completely uneventful.  We drove through Michigan and Indiana.  Then through Chicago to drop off Adele.  We spent five days in two countries, stayed at three hotels, saw four wineries, bought nine bottles of alcohol and counted thirty two different state license plates.  I made it home by 8p on Monday.  For a trip that was put together so quickly, it ended up being a little bit perfect.  It won't be so long between trips to Canada now that we know how cool it is.  So until next time, Canada!!


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