On the Way to Ireland - Day 1

September 12

"I'm glad you sitting next to me. You're skinny."

I could have kissed her.

The hardest part about the day was waiting. We had to wait forever for the trip to begin. I guess traveling six hours ahead means you can't really leave at 6a and expect to get somewhere in an hour or two. It's not like going to Orlando.

The day began with a small marathon of Little House on the Prairie. But that could be a description of any day, really. I don't know what it is about that show. I'm transfixed every time. But this isn't about Little House (though it was the episode where Laura and Mary go to school for the first time. And Ma makes dresses for the girls from the fancy fabric instead of making a lovely dress for herself). The day really began with a quick trip to Target. This is because I am a moron. I was all excited that my scarf, the scarf I wore throughout South America, went into the dryer and shrunk. Not cool. I wanted to replace my beloved scarf. The short version of the story is that my scarf doesn't exist anymore and my newly purchased scarf from Macy's actually will be going back when I get home. Sad. Very sad. I'm going to make the scarf work and I expect everyone to ignore the fact that the scarf is just a little too short.

The trip actually began later in the afternoon, when Mom and Dad showed up with the car. The drive to O'Hare was mostly uneventful...except for an unexpected detour through the construction area on 294. The area where cars should not be. The area (not so) clearly marked Do Not Enter. Unfortunately, when you follow the leader on a road, if the leader goes into a Do Not Enter area, so will you...and many other people. Whoops. Luckily, we made it through...with a few looks of shame from the construction workers.

O'Hare was actually a breeze to get through. We kept finding lines where no one seemed to be. And then we waited. Our first plane was a commuter jet. Small. It was fine. Two seats per row per section. We didn't have to worry about a middle seat. I was trying to be all suave..."Watch your head, Mom. The overhead bins are really low.". Cut to 30 seconds later, a giant banging noise. Yeah, that'd be me slamming my head against the overhead bin.

The best part was that the flight was only 1:30 long. Considering Delta kept saying the flight was 2:30, an hour early was lovely. My biggest concern was making the connecting flight to Shannon. Realistically, there was nothing to worry about. But still...connections tend to make me pause.

We landed at JFK with plenty of time. Or at least we had about an hour. JFK surprised me. iPads were plentiful in seats. There were some great looking food courts. There were shopping areas. I did see a person with a Muppet Labs bag from FAO Schwartz. That reminded me that next time I go to New York, I HAVE to go to the Muppet Labs to make my own Muppet. The disappointing part about JFK was Starbucks. I had some leftover pho for lunch today (thanks, Chad!!) and it definitely sticks with me. I haven't been hungry since. But Starbucks is a but of a tradition. Sadly, when I went to order, the chick said, "Yeah, we have coffee and tea, but not espresso drinks.". Since I ordered a chai, I'm assuming it counted as an "espresso drink". I left feeling disappointed, but I also thought we'd be fed on the flight.

As we boarded the flight to Shannon, we knew we were in the middle seat and in the aisle. I don't want to stand up on the plane. I just want to sit quietly and read or watch tv or whatever. Plus, going to the bathroom on a plane freaks me out. So I graciously volunteered to sit in the middle seat on the flight. When I began to take my seat, the woman already seated excitedly said the quote about me being skinny. Look, I'm going to keep touting that quote for freaking ever. Ever!!

We're currently somewhere over Newfoundland. I'm almost finished watching the first (of several, I expect) movies on the flight. Hanna. It's about a kid assassin. I'm not sure how I feel about the movie, but I will be able to take it off of the Netflix queue when I get home. I expect to watch Bridesmaids when this one is done. I told Mom to watch Bridesmaids, but then forgot how the movie started. There was a bit of an embarrassment factor...and she turned the movie off quickly. Whoops. I forget sometimes that I have no sense of what is appropriate at times.

The lights just went off on the plane. I think this might be a good time to attempt to sleep. We should get in to Ireland about 3:30a Chicago time. Then it's balls-out for a few hours before we even check into the hotel. I'm going to assume I will be delirious by the end of the day. Bright side, Delta served us wine for free with our meal. And it was a nice sized glass. God Bless Delta.

Time for Bridesmaids. Mom is asleep (or pretending), so the opening scene shouldn't be as embarrassing for me. That's something...


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