Scalpel - 1, Foot - 0

It is done. My leg is elevated. My foot is wrapped and in a boot. The surgery has happened and I have gotten out of it in (almost) one piece. I won't deny I breathed a sigh of relief over the whole ordeal. Then again, there's still so much more I have to go through...


I was racing like a crazy person on Friday morning. I knew there were a few things I needed to do before Mom showed up. And I was running late because I didn't want to get out of bed. Maybe it was denial. I didn't want to really have surgery. But the end of laundry and a good, long shower (since I won't be able to take one for a bit of time) had to be done before I left the house. I didn't know what I would or wouldn't be able to do when I got back.

Soon enough, I was sitting in the waiting room at the Doctor's office. Mom and I were chatting, but I couldn't shake the dread I was feeling. I know right after the crutch training incident, I kept thinking, "Maybe I don't really need to do this. Maybe it's all in my head." But I kept feeling the pain in my foot. I knew surgery had to happen. And now it was here.

I waved goodbye to Mom as she opened the iPad to read People Magazine and I walked into the pre-op room. Time to dress in the lovely gown and get fitted for a boot. Definitely happening now. The Cute Anesthesiologist came by to explain what was going on. Name. Height. Weight. Birthday. He started looking for a vein when the Doctor came by and marked my foot. Really, truly happening now. The Cute Anesthesiologist said I would be under a lighter anesthetic. It would be a "Twilight Sleep," where I would be asleep, but aware of what was going on. It does not have anything to do with Vampires or Werewolves. I was worried because I really didn't want to be aware of anything. I've seen episodes of Grey's Anatomy or Children's Hospital where people wake up during surgery. I didn't want to be one of those people. Plus, he said some people talk during the surgery. I didn't want to be one of those people either. Cause I'm sure I could say something about how dreamy The Cute Anesthesiologist was. I didn't want to be mortified AND limping around. Soon enough, I walked to the room, IV in my arm, to get this party started.


I remember getting on the table and getting all settled. The heart monitor was slapped on my chest. The other heart thing was on my finger. The grounding pad was on my thigh. I still don't know what that was for. I don't want to know. Even now. Don't anyone tell me. After a while, I assume I fell asleep, but then I was aware. Nothing hurt. I just felt like I was in a...well, "Twilight Sleep." I could hear everything. The Doctor seemed to know what he was doing. He kept saying things looked good. Yay!! That sounds promising. And soon enough, The Cute Anesthesiologist asked how I was doing.

How was I doing?? Fine. No, really fine. I wasn't groggy. I wasn't woozy. I felt good. Well, except for my foot, but I couldn't really feel that yet. It wasn't until then when The Cute Anesthesiologist said he was using Propofol. Yes, the same stuff that Michael Jackson used. I told The Cute Anesthesiologist that I was glad he didn't inform me of this until AFTER the procedure was done. He did say that Propofol was safe when used by professionals. Works for me!!

The Doctor said, "Wanna look at your foot??" Nope. No thank you. Not now. I'm all for watching surgeries and other medical maladies on TV, but on myself?? Not so much. Or at least not for a while. Doc did say that my bones were as hard as rocks. That has to be a good thing!!

The nurse came by and started wrapping the foot. Ace bandages and a sock-thing. Then the foot went in the boot. THEN we attempted to put me back into clothes. It worked. Yay!! Soon enough, the part I was the most concerned about happened. Getting from the office to the car. Then to the parent's house. I assumed I'd be super groggy for the trip. Mom jokingly said she'd have the Flip-Cam ready. I was not amused. But the Propofol was a miracle sedative. I felt great. And the crutches were put to use.


Starbucks was the first stop. Why?? Cause Chai fixes everything. Duh. I half expected my foot to be magically healed the moment I had the first sip of the tea. It wasn't. Dammit.

The next stop was Mom and Dad's house. And their 5 steps. Luckily, the Propofol was out of my system. But still...I was going slowly. And up stairs. The couch was close enough to the door, so I could stumble in quickly enough. The leg was elevated. Everything was within reach. And the healing began.


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