7 Days to Go - Or is it 6 Days?? I Never Know Which One is Right

One week from today, I hope to see the sunlight. Realistically, I really won't see it until Tuesday, but I know the sun exists in Florida. It sure doesn't exist in Chicago.

The problem with the sun not existing in Chicago is that it makes everyone a little grouchy. And by a little grouchy, I mean most people are ready to beat up others just because. I was on the phone with a rep from Panama City who said "it was a little cool here today. 54 Degrees." I told him I'd murder a hobo to feel 54 degrees again. I usually can handle the cold (enough), but the gray...the lack of sunlight...that's why I desperately need to get out of town.

To make things worse, there's snow coming tomorrow. Big snow. I thought I read the number 30 at one point (NOT the temperature), but when I saw that, I instantly became unable to comprehend the English language. It's a freaking Blizzard Watch!! Sigh. The bright side...I should be able to work from home on Wednesday. I do like hanging out all day in jammies.

There are two things I hope for next Monday...

#1 - I hope the snow will have melted slightly so my rolling luggage will not be a problem with the morning commute.

#2 - I hope the weather will not prohibit me from flying away.

But those are stories for a later date...


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