I Like Anniversaries - Both Past and Future

I always have.  It's a way to mark time in one direction or another.  "3 weeks from now, we'll be walking down Main Street USA" (um...I will).  "5 years ago today, I was starting my new job" (not really, but you get the idea).  I have had the nagging feeling in my head that there was something that happened around this time in the past.  Something important.  And then I realized...

Two years ago today, we were standing in the cold, with millions of other people, watching Barack Obama become the President of the United States of America.

It's still surreal to think that we were there.  Of all of the crazy things that I've ended up doing, this was one of the craziest.

So I've dug through the archives and found the two posts I put up on Facebook about the event.  I'm basically using this blog as a trip rememberance for myself (especially since no one really knows I'm doing this...maybe some day I'll post the news to the world).  This is a trip I never want to forget.  Reading through the post...I'm amazed we did what we did.  And I'm amazed at how proud I am of what we accomplished.  So without much more fanfare, the republishing (in a way) of the Road Trip To the Inauguration!!


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