Road Trip - 4 Days to Go

I need to put gas in my car. Though I probably I should plot the drive first. Then gas can go in the car. Well, there is the packing part. But first I have to do laundry. What about snacks for the road?? When am I going to do laundry?? We're going to leave early on Saturday. How am I going to get the cooler?? What time should we hit the road?? What about the ice for the cooler?? I think Tennessee is on Central Time. What's the weather supposed to be?? I wonder if we'll be able to see The Amazing Race on Sunday. What the hell happened to my Road Atlas??

This is the running commentary going through my head right now. I'm a mess.

The last road trip I went on went off without a hitch. Same with the one before that. But this one is a little different. A little different because I'm completely "in charge." It's not like I'm making all of the decisions or anything. Elias has a say in where we're going to go and eat (well, not necessarily where we're going to eat...I've plotted out many of the places). But "in charge" this time is all about timing and planning and driving. There isn't anyone to take over when I get tired. I don't expect to get really tired, though you never know. Driving can be stressful. I might need a nap.

We're good on the hotels. We have general plans (though Nashville plans are a little on the lean side). Restaurants are sitting in TripIt with locations and phone numbers. I think we're good. But there is still the constant chatter in my brain. That's what makes me pause.

It's the little details. The ones that can make or break a trip. We're not stopping at fast food joints, so we'd better plan ahead. Who's making the Road Trip Playlists?? Snacks!! What do we need in the car?? Weather?? What's the scoop?? But the biggest detail, I haven't even thought about...

Mental trip preparation.

I know we're going on the trip. I know we're going to drive. But I haven't psyched myself up for the idea that we are going to be driving. Long driving. Non stop driving. I have to mentally get ready for this. It usually doesn't have to take that long to get mentally ready. And I don't always remember what I'm supposed to do to get mentally ready. But whatever mentally needs to happen needs to be done quickly. Saturday morning is approaching. And apparently I need to do laundry and get snacks and pack and put gas in the car and...well, there are still many things to do...

And what have I done today?? Nothing. Wait...I take that back. I did blog about it. So...that's something...

Nashville - Saturday: Showers and 74 degrees. Sunday: Sunny and 79 degrees.
Memphis - Monday: Sunny and 74 degrees, Tuesday: Rain and 68 degrees, Wednesday: Clouds and 63 degrees.


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