Road Trip Day 5 - Homeward Bound!!

"Those clouds are mocking us" - We left Memphis and it was in the 70's. I know it's going to snow in Chicago when we get home. The clouds followed us most of the trip. I'm pretty sure I saw one in the shape of a middle finger...

5 Days, 6 States, 2 Travelers and 1474 Miles!!

Day 5 - Homeward Bound...

It's late (for me, at this point) on Wednesday night. We made it home a few hours ago. Thankfully we made it home in one piece, with no tickets (parking or speeding...thank god no speeding ticket!!) and no murder (though there were a few moments where it could have happened...). We left around 7a and there really isn't much to report after a 9 hour drive. But I did want to make sure to record my final thoughts...

I'm pretty sure I've said this before (things are a little hazy at this point), but overall, Elias was a great travel buddy. We ran into some times where we ran into some miscommunication (what part of "do you have change??" is not clear?? Bring the money with you!! ;) but overall, I was impressed with his travel mindset. He was totally up for anything. And that's what'll keep me asking him on other trips!! It is hard just with one adult on the road. I have always given mad props to single parents, but I give double mad props to single parents who travel with kids. Wait. I mean teenagers. It's a whole different way to travel. Especially for a very single, very child free chick.

What I didn't realize was that in the last year, Elias has definitely grown in his mocking skills (or "skillz"). I suppose I had it coming. Poor kid has lived with me mocking him for years and years. Apparently, I'm the one to be mocked right now (rightfully so, of course). Mocking definitely happened about the music. And my cheap wallet (it is a POS, but I just don't care). And my lack of attention to detail ("Did you see that random person a half a mile down the road who did that one thing?? No?? What's wrong with you??"). And my age. Wait. That one did sting a little.

Without discussing the plans, we both came to the decision that for the long drives, we would listen to my iPod, but once we got into the city, we would listen to the radio. Because we were listening to one type of music (Pop...Top 40...stuff I don't listen to ever because I am "old"), we heard many of the same songs. So here was our unplanned Road Trip Playlist...

Lady Gaga - "Born this Way" What is it about Gaga?? I don't like her music the first time I hear it, but every time I hear a song, I like it more and more. By the end of the trip, this might be my favorite song ever (ummm...we heard it a lot). This was not one of Elias's favorites.

Ce-Lo - "F-You" Elias HATES this one and kept trying to change the channel when this song came on. But I'm pretty sure that when the one Pop CHR station was playing Ce-Lo, the other one was just starting to play Ce-Lo. He couldn't get away from it. I did know this song, cause Gwyneth sang it on Glee. I like both versions.

Katy Perry - "ET" WTF?? I can't stand this one. Seriously. Can't stand it.

Rihanna - the song about whips and chains excite me?? See Katy Perry above. I would have the chorus of this song in my head all night. That was awesome.

Pink - "Just Perfect" We both liked this one.

Avril Lavigne - "What the Hell" Elias started off by saying he thought this song sounded like me (maybe I say what the hell too much??). And he also said he was embarrassed that he liked this song. I wasn't embarrassed. It is a poppy joy.

Taio Cruz - "Dynamite" This was actually Mom and my song during our cruise in November. But it works here too. I really do like this one.

There were a bunch of other songs we kept hearing over and over again. But I don't remember who they were. I know I'll ask Elias in a few weeks, "What song is that??" and his response will definitely be "I told you this in the car!! Don't you remember??" No. No I don't remember. I'm old and have no memory (told you it stung...).

That's all I have for now. I'm looking forward to curling up in my own bed tonight. I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. I can only hope nothing massive imploded when I was gone. And if it did...whoops...


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