Road Trip Day 3 - The Grizz

"Your seats are down there...second row on the left." - the usher at the Grizzlies game. And boy were they ever!!

Day 3 - Memphis Bound!!

We slept really well again last night. Apparently road tripping wears you out. We knew there was a 3 1/2 hour drive again today, so we had to get up earlier than the day before. Luckily, after we packed the car and had another good (free) breakfast, we were on the road. We did have to find a Starbucks first (Road Trip Rule #1), but once we was time to go to Memphis!!

Our first stop in Memphis was Huey's for burgers. We were meeting my old co-worker and current rep, Nicole. The only problem...we were at one Huey's and she was at the other. Whoops!! It was easier for her to find us than the other way around, so we waited a little bit for her. The food at Huey's was delicious!! I was a little wary to begin with because I wasn't really jazzed about a burger place. But man oh man, I'm glad it was the place we went. Elias had chicken tenders ("the best I've ever had") and I had a burger with Monterrey Jack and Guacamole. Yum!! We even had fried pickles!! I'm not a pickle fan, but they were surprisingly tasty. It was also great to see Nicole after such a long time.

While we were in Huey's, Elias had a bathroom adventure with one of the waiters. According to Elias, "The waiter got his underwear caught in his zipper." I find it interesting that this was even something he could see, but apparently the waiter "moved away from the urinal divider and he was reflected in the mirror." Sure hope this was just caught underwear and not a Beans and Franks situation a la "There's Something About Mary." But Elias couldn't wait to relay the story. And the waiter's reputation has been completely destroyed. I can never look him in the eyes and not have this knowledge. Luckily we will never see him again, so he doesn't have to live with his shame...

Our next stop in Memphis was the Elmwood Cemetery. I like cemeteries not for the religious aspect, but for the statues. I love the statues. It could be because they are just cool. They're old and weathered and they freak you out if you've ever seen "Blink" (Doctor Who...look it up). We drove around and would stop at the cool statues. Elias liked it...for a bit. I could have stayed all day.

We did have a creepy moment at one statue. I got out to take the picture of a "hooded figure making a shhhhhh sign." Elias stayed in the car. And when I walked over to the figure, he said, "the wind made the keychain rattle." It wasn't windy at the cemetery. The windows were down, but we didn't have any wind at any other time. Only when I hit the camera button. Creeeeeepy...

Before we left Chicago, Adele asked her friend who lived in Memphis where we should eat. There were several places that I'd heard of or had already put on our list. One new entry caught my eye...Jerry's Sno Cones. Sno Cones?? According to the friend, "These sno cones make me cry." We got the Wedding Cake flavor with vanilla soft serve. Good God. Fantastic. FANTASTIC!! We were eating it so fast that we both got brain freeze...twice. I would do it all again. I'm sad I won't be back. Sad...

We finally made our hotel stop for Memphis. It's a Holiday Inn by the mall. Nothing spectacular, but it's new and clean and there's an indoor pool. I'm pretty sure we'll christen that tomorrow. We kind of have to. It's an indoor pool!!

Our big event for today was the Memphis Grizzlies game with my rep Sherry. I'd never met Sherry before and I wasn't sure how our evening was going to go. We didn't have to worry.

Sherry picked us up and drove us around to see the sights. The sights we wouldn't have seen had we not met up with Sherry. We saw a lot of downtown and got a lot of history (she used to be a tour guide). Then we want down to the Fed Ex stadium. But first we walked up and down Beale Street. It was...different. I mean, if we wanted to binge drink while listening to a lot of local music, then cool. Beale Street would have been ideal. But we weren't, so it was a little dirtier than we cared to see. But we saw it. Don't necessarily need to see it again.

After seeing Beale Street, we went to the stadium. It was new enough and pretty nice. But the main attraction was getting to our seats. We went to Section 109 and asked the nice usher lady where to go. She pointed down and said...the second row. It wasn't until we started down the stairs that we realized the second row...was really close. Right behind the basket. Woah. When you can hear the player's skin slapping together...close.

We didn't stay for the whole game. Just enough time for pictures and some basketball action. After a bit, we were hungry. Cause the sno cone was hours ago. We went to Corky's BBQ and had some fantastic grub. Elias ended up with a bib and a slab of ribs. Sherry and I chatted for a few minutes, looked over and Elias was a mess and had completely devoured his meal. Completely. Even the waitress was impressed. A little stunned. So he had to have some brownie sundae to finish off the meal. That was good stuff. Really good.

Sherry drove us back to the hotel and we began planning for our last day of adventure. We have a basic plan. We just need to figure out the details. But we do's all about Elvis...


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