Let's Keep this Going: Photography at Disney World - A Disney Christmas Day 1-3

December 6th, 2014

We spent the day at Magic Kingdom, doing what you do at Magic Kingdom.  And it was awesome.  But I decided today would be better served showing all of the weird and great pictures from the trip as a whole.  I never really put many pictures up on Facebook this time.  And I did put a few up on Instagram, but I didn't go crazy.  So here is the crazy...with a few Magic Kingdom stories thrown in for good measure.

Animal Kingdom - Day 1

The first few pictures were taken in the Asia section of the park.  Mostly near Expedition Everest, which is why there are so many references to a Yeti...

This is not a reference to a Yeti...

Hey, Donald!!
We sat in the audience of Flights of Fancy, a show that focuses on birds.  Before the show, we had an up close look at an owl.

Scott and Kim and her family were on that raft right over there...
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Night 1

Most of the pictures from MVMCP (you remembered!!) are on that day's blog.  But I figured a few pictures of decorations wouldn't hurt.

A smidge more out of focus than I'd want, but I love the concept.

Epcot - Day 2

Epcot's blog day was very much focused on food, so I missed out on showing stupid pics from that day.

Goofy was drawn by the street sweeper using water.
Our car on Test Track was pretty cool.  And surprisingly competitive for the morning's competition.
A Sandman in Living with the Land. 
A cactus with sunglasses will never not be funny to me.
Giant stingray on a window.  This type of thing might haunt my dreams in the future.
Gingerbread is everywhere in Disney for the holidays.  Even in the American Adventure.
This is how we felt during our day at Epcot.  This guy was more willing to outwardly feel this.
Sleep tight!!  Don't let the bedbugs bite!!  Which is not what you want to hear as you're heading back to the hotel.
Magic Kingdom - Day 3 (Morning)

My first Starbucks in Disney.  And they even spelled my name correctly!!  Though they may have asked me how to spell it.
The Seven Dwarf's House
And there's the ride itself.  I don't know these people, but the guy in the second car is awesome.

See!!  This guy...
And every last inch of me's covered with hair!!

Hey you guys, did you see the Pooping Machine??  I mean...Popping Machine.  This isn't a Pooping Machine.  I don't want to know what a Pooping Machine is.  

It's Rapunzel's village.
I needed a snack.  What was a better choice than a Baked Sweet Potato?? 
The Frozen Christmas Parade was being filmed while we were there, so of course I had to take pictures of the crew.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Here's the only real story for the day.  Be Our Guest is the newest restaurant in the park - in New Fantasyland.  It's so busy that reservations can only be made as a FastPass for lunch and as regular reservations for dinner.  If you don't have reservations for this restaurant before you go to the park, do not think you're going to eat here.  It's sad, but true.  I'm sure in the next few years, when the popularity has waned a bit, it'll be easier.  But until then...

I kept trying to make a dinner reservation, but to no avail.  Then I randomly received an e-mail a few weeks before our trip asking if we wanted to make a FastPass for the restaurant.  Um, yeah.

Even better, you can pre-order your meal before you arrive.  And this is the thing you'll want to do.  If you pre-order your meal you go in a shorter line and are able to find a table much quicker.  Even in our shorter line, we were asked if we were paying via wristband or cash/credit.  If we were using our wristband, we could go to the table even sooner.  So, wristband it was.

We had a choice of which room to dine in.  The ballroom, library, the west wing.  We ended up on the library.  And all we had to do was find a table we wanted, then sit.  After about 5 minutes, our food arrived on a trolley.  I seriously have no idea how they knew who we were and what we ordered.  It was most definitely Disney Magic.

Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich.  I don't know what it was about the fries at Disney this trip.  They were especially good.
Lemon Raspberry Cream Puff
The innards of the Lemon Raspberry Cream Puff
A sad gargoyle on the path to the castle.
So if you're going to Disney and get an email about setting up a FastPass for Be Our Guest, do it.  You can thank me later.

Magic Kingdom - Day 3 (Evening)

After we had some drinks at California Grill, we went back to Magic Kingdom to wander around.  We mostly took pictures.

Magic Kingdom was open until 3a on Saturday and neither Scott nor I were under any illusions that we would stay up that late.  Because we are old.  So we hung out for just long enough to see the fireworks (from the back side of the castle - the first time ever).  I was entertained by a Cast Member who "directed" the fireworks in time to the music.  We met up with Kim and her family one last time (and sent them down the Murder Path) and then quietly disappeared from the park, discussing when we'll be ready to return.  I'm sure it'll be soon.  It's always soon.


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