The Final Countdown - There's the Stress Headache!!

I survived last week. Not only did I finish the 3Q11 Buys, but I watched all of the Network Upfronts, several Fall Pilots AND had Jury Duty. I'm a f#@%ing Superwoman.

But now I'm making myself sick. It's my own doing. It's not like I have caught a cold or have picked up a virus. It's a stupid headache, from the stress of packing. Normally it's not stressful. I pack about 30 minutes before I go to bed the night before I fly out and then I forget something major (a comb, a toothbrush, my cell phone). But normally, I stay in the United States. I can replace stuff here. This time though, it's South America. I can't assume we'll find a Target (or a Target equivalent) in Aguas Callientes or in Rapa Nui. I have to decide what is essential and what isn't. I have to figure out what I can live without. And I very much have to figure out how to make 16 days worth of essentials work in a suitcase that can never be more than 40 lbs.

Oy. Where's the Aleve?? Hello, my friend. We're going to be very intimate in the next few weeks.

I have less than 18 hours to go. The clothing has mostly made it into space bags - 9 tops, 3 cargo pants, 1 pair of jeans, jammies and as many socks and undies as I can cram in a suitcase (yeah, I said undies. We all have 'em, it's not a secret that they have to be packed). But everything else is in piles and I go in packing spurts. 10 minutes of frenzy followed by one hour of sloth. It's not the best combination.

I have acquired a pharmacy. I have snacks. I have organized most of the electronics. I have my passport. I've printed out all of the organizational items for our trip. What's left?? Only a bit of Luggage Prayer...


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