I've been home for a week now.  I haven't completely unpacked.  Not everything has been put in their rightful places.  I don't feel like I have completely gotten back into the swing of my daily life.  But here I am, on an early Saturday morning, pouring through a travel magazine, looking for where I can take my next adventure.

It's almost sick and wrong.

Everyone keeps asking, "Where are you going next??". I guess that's what is expected of me now.  Not that I mind, of course.  I want to hit the road again to find something different around the next corner.  And if both finances and vacation days were plentiful, the next trip would happen ASAP. 

Last summer was filled with unexpected trips.  Little ones that overtook the summer.  This summer, I've gone on a trip hiatus.  Nothing is planned.  Nothing can be planned.  Mostly, cause of my lack of vacation days, but mostly because I need a break.

The South American Adventure was an 8 month planning project.  It became the primary focus of our lives.  Everything was grouped into two categories.  Pre-Lima and Post-Lima.  As in, "Post-Lima, I need to set up a doctor's appointment.". I vowed after we got back I would take the summer off.  Post-Lima would be a time to focus on better eating, calm down with the excesses of life (whatever they may be), get back into the mindset at work and save money/pay down some bills.  

The Post-Lima world has only existed for a handful of days.  I have been more focused on the everyday things than I was Pre-Lima.  And I need to do that right now.  That's not to say I have stopped planning upcoming adventures in my head (guide books arrived yesterday from Amazon).  But for now, I have to experience the adventure at home for a little while.  Even if that adventure just involves cleaning the house or sitting by the pool.  I can't wait to sit by the pool...


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