The South American Adventure - Day 14!!

Day 14 - Sleep Away The Day (aka "It's Going to be a Low Key Day")

We found out that in our room, if you open the door and lean in the hallway, you can get WiFi.  I'm pretty sure that's going to be our stance for the next two days.  Or, we can just sit in the courtyard and play online.  Either way, we can be a little more connected today.  The plan was to sleep until we wake up, then take it easy during the day.  Which is great in theory, but when you bring together a night owl plus an early(ish) bird, there will always be someone up for hours before another person. least there's a blog to be written.  I do love that Rummy app on the iPad.  And I can easily go to the courtyard for the WiFi.  And breakfast.  Yeah, that's the idea...

After many days (3 maybe 4), I was able to use a hair dryer and a flat iron.  I'm pretty sure the heavens parted and I heard the angels singing.  It. Was. Glorious.  We didn't even leave the hotel before 1p.  That's the kind of day this was going to be...

When we were finally presentable enough for the outside world (after 14 days, that is debatable...but we both showered today!!) we began the hike from the Barranco District to the Miraflores District.  Our main goal was Love Park (Parque de Amor), but we also wandered the streets of Miraflores.

Before I get too far, I have to begrudgingly say that Scott was probably right.  I think I'll end up taking about 1200-1300 pictures on the trip.  We're kind of petering out on the picture taking (and running on empty on the trip itself) and unless I go into a frenzy tomorrow, I don't expect the pictures to go much over 1200.  Dang it!!  I don't like when he's right!!

Our first stop was to make sure we found the restaurant we're going to tomorrow.  Yay!!  I'm not going to talk about it much yet, but we are both super excited about the finale dinner in Lima.

We kept passing by restaurants but didn't know what we were entirely hungry for at this point, so we kept on walking. Happily, we stumbled across a sandwich place that served fresh fruit juices.  Yes!!  By process of elimination, I figured out the chicken sandwich (pollo, piña and queso...chicken, pineapple and cheese) and the juice blend (naranja, piña and, pineapple and strawberry) and it was a wonderful moment.  So much that I think a chicken/pineapple (and avocado) sandwich will need to be made at home soon.  Very soon.  Now if only I can make the fruit juice.  And man, if we can get juice one more time, I could be one happy camper.

We made our way to Love Park.  It was pretty cool with the mosaics and such (now I remember why you wanted me to see this, Liz!!).  And lord knows I love a "lewd embrace" just as much as the next person (the main statue is a man and a woman making out on a horizontal surface...fully clothed).  It was a nicely peaceful park.  And had a good view of the parasailers landing next door.  Not bad.

When we went back towards Barranco, we stopped at Parque Salazar, where a small mall existed underground (Larcomar).  I was still on the hunt for a cupcake place (so far, empty handed...) and we thought it was good to see a Peruvian mall.  What we didn't expect was to spend any money.  Adele found a snazzy top that she's going to possibly wear for tomorrow.

After the walk back to the hotel, we parked ourselves in the lobby to do some light interneting.  Soon, we struck up a conversation with another traveler and began learning about her trip.  After a few hours of chatting, we decided to take our conversations to the restaurant where wine and nibblies were readily consumed.  It was fun to hear her (and her travel buddy's) stories from Peru and her recommendations for our future trips (one of which we will begin the planning stages on the flight out of Lima...but NOT before).  It was also nice to meet up with another single woman traveling around the world.  Apparently, Adele and I need to go to Bali.

Dinner was over soon enough and we were tired.  While we didn't do much today, we're feeling the pains of the 14th day on the road.  Tomorrow will be similar to today...light sight-seeing, preparations for Wednesday's flight home and our big dinner.  Very excited about dinner...

And in the continuing story of "Things I Miss", I want to add two more items...(see Day 13 - Interstitial for more)

Full-sized napkins.  They give us small napkins that barely can be used for anything.  I'm usually very liberal with napkins (not environmentally friendly, I know) and this one ply nonsense is just unfortunate, cause I'm usually a mess.

Regular/Tap Water (and ice).  I'd like to be able to drink from the tap.  Or use ice cubes when necessary.  Can't do that here.  And I hate having to think about it.  At dinner tonight, as they brought the churros (Mmmmm...churros), they brought us glasses of water.  Both Adele and Mike (the travel buddy of the girl we hung out with) started drinking the water out of habit.  I'm sure nothing will happen, but we've been so focused on making sure our internal workings are safe, it'll be nice to not have to worry about water soon.

And I'm not complaining about these things.  Just know that.  I have completely loved Peru.  I just miss some of the comforts of home.


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