The South American Adventure - Day 13: Interstitial!!

Day 13 - Interstitial

Since today was a travel day and we're getting to the end of the journey (complete with being ready to go home), I thought it was fitting to have a bonus blog post that just dealt with things I miss about home.  I figure I'll have another post at the end about what I'll miss in South America, but for now...

What I Miss From Home

Fruit and Veggies.  There are a lot of meat, starches and carbs around these parts.  Plus, we aren't supposed to eat some of the fruits because of pesticides or such things.  I am desperate for fruit and expect to eat only fruit for a few days when I get back home.

Pizza.  I could devour a Malnati's right now.  Then again, I would much rather have a home cooked meal by me.  Or by Mom.  Or by anyone else.  Restaurants are great, but in moderation.  Which brings me to...

Cooking/Baking.  I wanted to do both before I left, but it was bad timing.  I want to cook when I get home.  And I have decided I want to perfect Macarons.  Not the best thing to do in the humidity of the summer, but I have time...

The MINI Cooper.  Or driving in general.  I could go with a nice long drive right about now.

My bed.  Some hotels have had better beds than others.  The Vai Moana's beds were the best, but it's not home.  

Constant Internet Access.  Yeah, addict...

Family and Friends.  They are just a text/email away, but it's not the same.

English.  Yeah, I miss understanding everyone and everything around me. I am getting the gist of things, but I can't communicate.  That's the biggest issue.  And I hate not being able to communicate.  

Not Spending Money on a Daily Basis.  At home, I usually can go for several days without spending any money.  Lunch is brought from home.  Breakfast and Dinner is made at home.  Eating out for every meal is not only expensive, but it is difficult to control what you're eating.  When you're in a foreign land, you can't be as picky about food (for the most part I'm not).  Plus, I am constantly drawn to the desserts.  And that is a problem.  I still haven't gotten a Street Churro.  There are still a few more days though...

Knowing What's Going On (aka "The Media")  We have been in this protective travel bubble for 13 days now.  We sometimes get the basic news stories from Facebook or from what we can gleam off of websites or quick hits on WiFi.  But overall, we've been out of the loop for half a month.  That's hard after a while.  I do miss my DVR desperately, but I also think this trip could have curbed my usage some (yes, seriously...stop laughing).  Then again, I expect a weekend of sloth when I get back devoted only to clearing out the DVR.  I would just like to know what's going on in the world.  Even just a little bit.  I sure hope new wars didn't break out or anything...

Clean Clothes.  I have three space bags.  One is for clean clothes.  One is for dirty clothes that could be used again.  One is for Quarantined clothes which should not see the light of day until the washing machine is close by.  I have enough in the clean clothes bag to last until we leave, but still...we're grungier right now than we normally are.

So those are a few things I miss.  We're home in a few days.  These things will be in our midst soon!!!


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