The South American Adventure - Day 10!!

Day 10 - Death and Flying

The Gran Bolivar was delightfully ornate and transported us into another time.  But I think we are both happy that this was a one night deal.  The problem with old hotels is that they are just...old.  While it sounds stupid to say, it is the simplest explanation.  They can shine up the lobby and restaurants and they can paint the hallways.  They can add WiFi and a TV with rabbit ears (yes), but it is not a modern hotel with modern comforts. Take for example, the bed.  

There was an episode of I Dream of Jeannie when Major Nelson's mother came to town.  For whatever reason, Jeannie didn't want her there (I don't remember the episodes that well...).  Tony's mom insisted on sleeping on the couch and Jeannie blinked a door in the place of the couch cushions because it would be more uncomfortable (Jeannie really was mean, wasn't she??).  While Tony's mom loved it (it was good for her back), the bed I slept in last night (that could possibly have been a mattress pad over a door) was decidedly less comfortable.  Then again, I'll be sleeping in an airport tonight.  My guess is I'd wish for a mattress pad over a door at about 3a.

After breakfast and repacking, we checked out of the hotel and headed towards the Iglesia de San Francisco.  In every book we have, it says "Don't miss the guided tour of the catacombs.". Well, ok then.

We found our way to the Iglesia without a problem.  I don't pay complete attention to the maps right now, because Adele is a Map Savant.  I know the basics of where we are going, but I might not have all of the specifics, cause I know she is acutely aware of where we are.  Sure hope that's ok with Adele.  Cause if it isn't...well...I hope it's ok...

There was supposed to be an English tour of the catacombs, but we apparently showed up either too early or too late for one.  So it was in Spanish.  I didn't get much out of the tour, but I was able to get pieces of info.  Partially cause Adele speaks Spanish, but partially because there were plaques with both English and Spanish explanations.  I learned how to spot the Franciscan Monk symbol.  Sadly, I don't particularly know what the symbol means.  Though, I'm pretty sure having an English tour guide wouldn't have helped me much.

The tour was cool.  While in general, I don't particularly agree with/understand religion (probably not a surprise to most of you reading this now), I do appreciate the architecture and beauty of churches.   But the coolest part (and most bone-chilling...pun intended) of the tour was the catacombs.  In the catacombs, there were several real skull and crossbones seemingly guarding the catacomb entrances.  And then there were areas with tons of skeletons.  One area for femurs.  One for pelvis's (would that be pelvi??). One for skulls.  Skulls!!  It was interesting to see the skulls with the holes in them.  The catacombs were creepy enough to sustain us for the day.

We had some lunch and we wandered the area known as El Centro for a bit longer.  The area seemed to be more of a business district, so it had a very different feel than the last time in Lima.  A bit more hustle and bustle, but not as much as home.  I think being gone for so long is going to be a shock to the system.  In more ways than one.  But that's a story for another day.

We eventually made our way back to the hotel for our luggage, then to the airport.  Destination, Santiago.  For tonight, at least.  It was another uneventful flight.  The fun part was that they served us wine for free (Yay!!).  The not so fun part...I finally got my travel migraine.  Not good with the timing, migraine...


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