Day 1 - Saw the Space Shuttle Today!!

And it was awesome!!

Tuesday, February 8th at Kennedy Space Center - 930a-3p

We got to the hotel late last night. And as always, it was hard to sleep on the first night of the hotel stay. It also didn't help that Snorey McGee was in the next bed over. But I was the moron that didn't bring ear plugs. The morning started off a little later than expected due to the ticket situation. We were getting tickets from a station and I hadn't received them. But a quick stop at Starbucks started the morning off right. We got our tickets and we started the drive to Kennedy Space Center.

KSC was everything I thought it would be. We took a tour that got us close (relatively speaking...we were 3.5 miles away) to the Space Shuttle that was on the Launch Pad. I've known for a while that I won't ever be able to watch a live shuttle launch. And for that, I'm profoundly disappointed. But I was able to see the shuttle on the launch pad. It wasn't a full on view (like you see on TV), but you can see it. I saw it.

KSC was a "low-key theme park." If it could even be called a theme park. We went through a simulator (cool) and a place that had tons of old-school rockets (cool) and an amazing 3-D IMAX movie about the Hubble Telescope. The movie was amazing. Amazing!! You left the movie realizing however small you thought you were in the universe, you are really soooooooo much smaller.

But KSC wasn't the only stop today. We made a pit-stop at Downtown Disney for an hour or so for cupcakes from Babycakes NYC (meh...gluten free doesn't mean great). There wasn't much time in DD because we were going to a Basketball game.

We made our way to WESH/WKCF to meet up with Elvir. After a tour and a quick meet with Justin (surprise!!), we were on our way to the Amway Arena for the Orlando Magic. The seats were great. The food was great. And we really had a good time.

Tomorrow, it's Harry Potter time!! Cannot Wait!!


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