It's About Time - Road Trip Planning

It seems like a vacation isn't really in the works until the hotel has been booked. I've been putting off the hotel for longer than I wanted to. I'm not really sure why. I'm sure part of it was because there was a bit of concern about spending the entire time in Memphis. The other part was that I actually had to pay for this part. Yeah...paying for the trip is always the worst part.

Last week Elias and I discussed the trip. "Do we want to just go to Memphis?? Or do we want to go to Nashville and Memphis??" The answer...Nashville and Memphis. This gives us not a lot of time in either place. But it also knocks out two places where we've never been. I think it also is a bit of a relief for the parents. Not that they're particularly worried. But it might give them some piece of mind.

So now the real planning begins. The days have been laid out (leave here, stop here, hotel here, leave again, drive again, hotel again, home). The hotels have been researched. The food has been figured out. Or everything has been theory.

One hotel has been booked. Nashville. It was cheap. Trip Advisor ranked it high. It was a bit outside of Nashville, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Memphis, however...we're still a little behind on this one. The hotel we thought about using is not available now. I found another one that is shiny and new, but I haven't hit "Purchase" yet. We're meeting a station person on the day we get to Memphis, so I e-mailed her last night to see if this location would be ok. It should be. Kind of the same as Nashville...the hotel is outside of the city. And I like the fact that it is shiny and new.

I haven't figured out exactly what we're going to do. But oh, I've come up with food options. I've scoured the Roadfood book. I've searched Trip Advisor. I've pulled up many options on Yelp. Cupcake places have been found in both places. We need to make sure we find the best BBQ place. And Southern food. I told Elias that we would eat quite well when we were on our trip. We're not eating fast food. Elias hasn't done a road trip with me yet. Sure hope he's up for the adventure...


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