One Week Later

Orlando was a week ago. It feels like I was just there. It also feels like I've been home forever. It doesn't help that I've been sick. The Duffy Crud (as I've been calling it) has hit me harder than I expected. The throat is still sore, but the rest is over...I hope. The leg is still problematic, but the Chiropractor will be visited on Monday. That only's time to plan the next trip.

The next trip is happening sooner than I'd normally like. But apparently, Elias and I have a new tradition. Spring Break Trip. I'm not sure how this tradition started, but yay!! I think...

This year, it's a road trip to Memphis!!

Many people have tried to steer us away from Memphis. "It's not the best place to go." "There's a lot of poverty." "It's not suitable for kids." I'm not sure how I feel about this. I've never been to Memphis. There's a lot of history in Memphis. And it might not be a bad idea for Elias to see that not everyone lives like we do. But the constant "you might not want to go there" conversation has given me pause.

We already have plans with a station to go to a Memphis Grizzlies game. We have two options at this point...

Option #1 - Go to Memphis and spend the whole time tooling around the city (while knocking Arkansas off of the list of states I've been to!!)

Option #2 - Start in Nashville and spend a few days there, then drive to Memphis for the rest of the trip (while knocking Arkansas off of the list of states I've been to!!)

This is something we need to figure out soon. We're going to leave in a little more than a month and the hotel has not been booked. I'm just a little twitchy about this. But I will see Elias tomorrow and we'll figure it out. I hope we'll figure it out. It's a month'll get figured out. It always does.


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